Raila crying foul over alleged registration of voters in Ethiopia and Uganda.

DESPERATE Raila Now Claims Ethiopians and Ugandans Will Vote Jubilee

FEARING TO LOSE ELECTIONS, Raila is now saying Trans Nzoia residents are from UGANDA and ETHIOPIA and SHOULD NOT VOTE! SEE why he’ll fa….

Trump fights Terrorists Alshabaab

Trumps Sends Sh43.5Bn and Fighter Jets To Fight Radical AL SHABAAB

ALSHABAAB TERRORISTS FINISHED! SEE The Weapons and Money Trump has sent to Kenya to fight against Al Shabaab:12 Air Tractor AT- 802L, 2 AT-504 trainer aircrafts, Supplements to Kenya’s aging F-5 aircraft, $435Million (Kes. 43.5Bn) in arms deal

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Bikers for Trump at the Inauguration Ball!

Professional Protestors in Problem as Bikers For Trump Vow To Protect Inauguration

SEE the Million Bikers For Trump Riding to Washington for the Deplorable Inaugural Ball

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Obama And Trump. Who is the best President For Africa? Kenya chooses the latter!

Why Kenyans Believe in Trump, And, Hate Obama-Clinton Administration

Africans Know Trump is the best US president of the recent times. Experts project a better economy and international relations under the Trump Administration. – A strong GREAT America means a GREAT world too!

"I love the GOP not ‘in spite of my skin color’ but ‘ACTUALLY’ because of the color of my skin! " If you are a Black Democrat, think again!

You hate War Crimes? If You Love Equality, Gender balance, and Human Rights, You Are REPUBLICAN!

SEE all the things that the REPUBLICAN party has done for Africans, Women and other minorities.

Kabogo Pretends to be Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohammed at the UN Summit in New York

Kabogo Takes Corruption to USA, Masquerades as Foreign Affairs CS to Enter UN Summit

SEE How William Kabogo entered the UN Summit in New York with Amina Mohammed’s Neck-tag. He froze with her tag around and masqueraded to be the Foreign Affairs Cs, without even checking the name on it. SEE OR YOURSELF!

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Fatouu Bensouda Icc Prosecutor: We'll come for all those inciting Kenyans to Violence

ICC & BENSOUDA’s Message to Kurias & Railas: Try Violence in 2017- We’ll Come For You Ourselves!

Bensouda: Kenya is still a signatory to the Rome Statute: Anyone planning violence in 2017 General elections should beware that “WE SHALL COME FOR YOU!”. Mr Odinga and Mr Kuria Should………

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Obama and Odinga: While their relationship is highly contested back in the US, Obama rubbished Raila's commendation that Kenya's government should be 'censored'. He gave the opposition a bold knock out!

Obama’s Unforgettable Message To Raila, Kenya’s CHIEF- Stubborn Opposition Leader

SEE the OBAMA speech that really embarrassed Raila Odinga, Wetangula, and Martha Karua. It was a Knock-out! “Raila, when you were Prime Minister in the government, you kept telling us, the USA, The UK and international Community to…..SEE MORE

"Raila Faces Travel Ban for Continued Violent Destructive IEBC Protests"- Paper.

CORD Stopped IEBC Protests After USA Threatened Travel Ban On Raila- Paper

The WEST decided to ban Raila’s travel so as to curb protests in the country. If he doesn’t stop, He might NEVER step on the US or UK soil because…

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Donald Trump has threatened to chase Kenyans back to their cradle if he wins

“Kenyans are Thieves- They Should Be Recolonized” Donald Trump says. See Full Racist Speech

“African Americans are very lazy, the best they do is gallivanting around ghettos, lamenting how they are discriminated. Those are people America don’t need, they are enemies of progress. Look African Countries like Kenya for instance, those people are stealing from their own Government and go to invest the money in Foreign Government. From the Government to the Opposition, they[Read More…]

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