He's not your forever guy unless he does this!

He’s Not Your Forever Guy Unless He Actually Puts Effort Into These 11 Things

Hey, men! If you want a happy life, then you are going to put these eleven things to practice. Ladies, am I speaking your mind?

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Google Kenya Jobs and Internship opportunities for you to Apply!

Google Kenya Jobs and Internship opportunities for you to Apply!

Apply today for a well paying internship or job position at Google Kenya!

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Viral VIDEO SHOWS Fake Cabbages being made from plastic material

PLASTIC CABBAGE: Watch Chinese Manufacture Synthetic Vegetables- Be Careful!

MUST WATCH: VIDEO showing Chinese and Japanese manufacture plastic cabbages. SEE the health dangers of Plastics…

The Nairobi Times is Hiring News Writers and Kenyan Bloggers. Sign up as soonest as possible and start making millions in online cash!

We Are Hiring: Kenya Writing Jobs Available!

We Are Hiring: Kenya Writing Jobs Available! The Nairobi Times is looking for dedicated, dependable, hardworking and hungry writers to join our team. At The Nairobi Times, we write original, fancy and informative news and feature articles for our reay audience. Over the years, our team of writers have done the best to inform and entertain readers. So, are you[Read More…]

Stand With Kim

What would You Do if This was Your Child?- Stand with Kim

So Touching: What if this was your Child? Dont move without reading. Share widely!

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Inset: CORD Leaders in a previous meeting. Could they be planning to use stolen public money to campaign in the 2017 elections?

CORD Governors Pumping Graft Devolution Money To Fund Raila’s Extremely Expensive 2017 Election Campaign SEE DETAILS

EVIDENCE: CORD leaders are calling on their governors to loot as much as possible to fund EXPENSIVE Raila campaigns in 2017. SEE details!

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Obama and Odinga: While their relationship is highly contested back in the US, Obama rubbished Raila's commendation that Kenya's government should be 'censored'. He gave the opposition a bold knock out!

Obama’s Unforgettable Message To Raila, Kenya’s CHIEF- Stubborn Opposition Leader

SEE the OBAMA speech that really embarrassed Raila Odinga, Wetangula, and Martha Karua. It was a Knock-out! “Raila, when you were Prime Minister in the government, you kept telling us, the USA, The UK and international Community to…..SEE MORE

IEBC KENYA Voter Registration Numbers

IEBC Analysis: Summary of Registered Voters in Counties, Regions and Tribes

Below is the comprehensive analysis and breakdown of the IEBC total registered voters. It is broken down in terms of regions, constituencies, counties and tribes. Check out the logical breakdown.

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Former KU president, Goerge Thuku. He is seeking your help to find his twin Brother

Share This: Help KU President Find His Missing Twin Brother

Help me find my lost brother- President of Kenyatta University pleads. out.

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Njogu tried to cheat in the Nairobi Marathon

See Why Julius Njogu Had To Cheat In The Nairobi Marathon. This Guy Has A Touching Story!

It was spectacle at the climax of the Nairobi Marathon when a sweatless man appeared from nowhere to win the silver. This was one of the most shocking fantasies that ever happened in any marathon of the world.     But Julius Njogu, now famously known for all the wrong reasons, is not the type of man you will put[Read More…]

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