Jamleck Kamau addresses a group in a previous meeting in Murang'a. He's been accused of planning to rig Jubilee nominations

EXPOSED: Jamleck Rigging Ploy Crumbles

Murang’a County aspirant’s dreams of becoming the governor almost gone with the birds as rigging plans exposed

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They accused Raila of hating Mau residents. Today, their animals are dying of drought.

SEE: They Said Raila Hates Mau Forest Residents, Today, They Cry Animals Are Dying

WATCH: RAILA was the prophet who was rejected at his home. He warned people of encouraging the Mau, he lost an election for that. Today, the drought is killing everyone. SEE

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Obama And Trump. Who is the best President For Africa? Kenya chooses the latter!

Why Kenyans Believe in Trump, And, Hate Obama-Clinton Administration

Africans Know Trump is the best US president of the recent times. Experts project a better economy and international relations under the Trump Administration. – A strong GREAT America means a GREAT world too!

Why Uhuru is a one Time president- Back to Gatundu!



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"I love the GOP not ‘in spite of my skin color’ but ‘ACTUALLY’ because of the color of my skin! " If you are a Black Democrat, think again!

You hate War Crimes? If You Love Equality, Gender balance, and Human Rights, You Are REPUBLICAN!

SEE all the things that the REPUBLICAN party has done for Africans, Women and other minorities.

Stand With Kim

What would You Do if This was Your Child?- Stand with Kim

So Touching: What if this was your Child? Dont move without reading. Share widely!

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Raila And Jamleck Kamau are Working against projects in Murang'a for selfish political interests

How Muranga MP Is Working With Raila to Thwart Water Project

How Murang’a Mp and Senator are teaming up with Raila to kill Jubilee dream of Major water projects. See All you need to know about the Northern Collector Tunnel Project

Before Thinking of Nairobi, Eugene Wamalwa Should Be Ashamed for this....

Before Thinking of Nairobi, Eugene Wamalwa Should Be Ashamed for this….

Before Thinking of Nairobi Governor, Eugene Wamalwa Should Be Ashamed for this….

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Ababu Namwamba has become a Jubilee mole?

Ababu Will Fail for Betraying Raila. SEE Raila’s Plan To Finish Him!

Raila has a masterplan to ensure Ababu Namwamba does NOT retain Bundalangi MP 2017; See the grand plan; Kenneth Lusaka is Afraid!

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Raila is like a camel, the proverbial obstinate nagging Camel!

SEE Funny Caricatures & VIDEO What Raila Wants in IEBC Talks

XYZ VIDEO: Like the camel, Raila and CORD are trying to get in Government through the Backdoor. They are trying to cheat Kenyans…

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