Another shocker from the Meru region earlier this week came from Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi who warned that Meru region has been turned to a NASA stronghold. The outspoken legislator told The Star that NASA is doing all possible things to ensure they win at least half of the votes in the perceived Jubilee stronghold.

Raila and Kalonzo dance in Meru. Linturi says Meru could become Raila's NASA stronghold soon

Raila and Kalonzo dance in Meru. Linturi says Meru could become Raila’s NASA stronghold soon

Linturi believes Uhuru’s government has done little for the people of Meru. Even roads that were promised by the Jubilee government have not yet been started.  And most important of all, Meru still struggles in the Miraa business.

It is four years down the line, yet nothing has been done. The miraa-growing areas are gone unless Jubilee makes urgent interventions to correct the situation,” said Linturi.

But Linturi gave Jubilee one important piece of advice. He believes Jubilee has a slim chance to fix things before it is too late, and the Meru people jolt out of Jubilee in their hundred of thousands.

“I am speaking what the majority of my area colleagues are unable to say. But if the issues are not corrected, then we will not have a problem. Historical issues of unemployment and underdevelopment must be fixed urgently”


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  1. Wherever there is drug trade you will find RAO circling like a vulture for opportunity ya kukula. Why doesn’t he go save sugar industry in his strongholds? His track record for solving farmers problems is not zero but negative … Ameru msidanganywe, RAO can not re-open European mirra market for you… Once mirra was deemed a control substance they will never reverse that decision unless mirra was proven to have medicinal qualities in which case it will be prescribed by a doctors in western world similar to medical marijuana. Wachaneni na RAO and invest in Mirra Research Institute to study the active ingredient in mirra… Who knows what the outcome will be? It may be a cure for a major desease! This may result with a bigger bonanza for Ameru people more than recreational market.

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