Kenyan wives dont joke with matters to do with their husbands. And, when some other woman tries to break their marriages, she  isnt spared either! This is the case everyday in estates within Nairobi and other Kenyan cities. Women beat their competitors so hard that at times, it is more than just literal!

Wife Nearly Kills Husbands Side Chick in Kisumu. Dont joke with other people's husbands in Kenya!

Wife Nearly Kills Husbands Side Chick in Kisumu. Dont joke with other people’s husbands in Kenya!

It was awe in Kisumu when a ‘Mama Otis’ found her lovely married husband in the act with a notorious ‘Mpango wa Kando‘. The two loverbirds had been courting and romping behind the legal wife’s back for quite a while. Little did they know that the humongous matron- sized wife could get a hint someday.

And, as it always goes, a friend to the wife told it on them. She was one of the creepy friends of Mama Otis’. Easy to guess, the trusted one! She openly told the story of how Baba Otis was seeing ‘Marie’ the cute girl from the Kenyan Coast.

More than expected, Mary was the kind of outspoken pervert- who together with her natural beauty made every man’s mind go on vacation for a while! Her resume had the supportive documents as far as her sitting apparatus are concerned, and when she walked, every man in the estate was left agape!

Mpango Wa Kando beaten by Husband's Wife

Mpango Wa Kando beaten, nearly killed by Husband’s Wife

And, the fact that she was too light skinned made her a spectacle in Kisumu. At least, she was among the few who’d be noticed in the dark! Oh, which Luo guy doesnt die for a luminous light skinned girl?!

Far from Marie’s 2 inch dimples and feminine curves, she was able to find Baba Otiz at a popular high end joint in Kisumu. What she knew for sure was that the married man would fall for her. No man had refused her anyway! So, she made her way with the impeccable Swahili ya Pwani and Baba Otiz was right in the mix!

In two weeks, they had already started doing the things that Mipango ya Kando do best! They would meet thrice a week, especially after work. Of course, the Luo in Baba Otiz made him ‘sufficiently philanthropic‘ to Marie. He even forgot doing teh same for his legally church wedded wife.

So, the two would meet at Marie’s place during the night- and even at Baba Otiz home during the day. At least, they were sure that Mama Otiz (a teacher) would never be present during the day’s Am hours.

But, that was not long enough- Mama Otis had female friends who would tell her where to find the loverbirds. Angry at knowing how much she had sacrificed for the husband so far, Mama Otiz decided to take law on his hands.

The grapevine reached Mama Otiz that the two had been in their home for an hour. So, Mama Otiz left school for home early that day. What she found was unbelievable! The husband’s car was nowhere to be seen, but Marie’s was. She was somewhat angrily anxious. She wanted to know this girl who had stolen her husband. She wanted to know who this Mpango wa Kando was and how she looked like. She wanted to see for herself what the side chick had that she dint!

So, together with a friend of hers, she entered the bedroom and found the damsel! Although the husband was nowhere to be seen- Baba Otiz had noticed something unusual and ran away like a chicken on its slaughter day, the girl was foolishly and naively relaxing on the bed. She was waiting for her sponsor ‘darling‘ to come back from the ‘shower’.

And, as any Kenyan wife would do, Mama Otiz picked the delicate Marie like a hot pounded corn mean! She grabbed her hair and gave her thorough beating! This shocked everyone, capturing even the sympathy of her friend. As the friend was recording the incident- she wanted to trend the misconduct and teach her husband a lesson- Mama Otiz grabbed a kitchen knife and did what you see in the video below!


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