For the Kiuna’s, celebrating av birthday is not a small thing. It is almost the same as winning an election for Donald Trump! Just see how much they spent on this one day event!



This Machine is worth more than 2 Bn Kenya shillings! That’s almost three times of NYS money!


Here is Cathy and Bishop Allan Kiuna Aeroplane! The Bombadier Learjet 85 is every billionaire’s dream for a personal jet!


Talk of pomp, talk of Kiuna’s 50th Birthday!



Jealous/Critical Kenyans react to Bishop Kiuna’s overspending on birthday. See the messages.


Even when HELB wont allow poor graduates to marry, Cathy Kiuna and Allan Kiuna of the Jesus Celebrations Church (JCC) live in the Nairobi leafy suburbs- where no flies tread. From their multi-million home like Raila’s in Runda, the Kiunas want a Kes. 2Bn Bombadier Learjet 85 personal Jet to hit the air. Make no mistake, Waiguru-Murkomen-Junet NYS money was only Ksh. 0.897 Bn.  And criticism is everywhere! Just see how harshly vociferous columnist Njoki exposes the clergy celebrity couple!

Njoki Chege exposes the KIUNAs badly!!!!!

Also, see why Njoki Chege Believes the Kiunas are Pathological cons.


  1. Jesus lived an earthly life that was similar to the people he served and ministered to,the old testament prophets lived lives that others could relate and identify with.
    How many of kiunas followers live the life that their pastor many are his neighbor’s?
    How many in his Churh have been similarly “blessed”
    How come he is the only one with earthly riches,how many millionaires are in his church?
    How many has he “prayed” out of poverty,how many kidsfrom his church has he paid school fees for or prayed for so that they have e everything they need?
    If you are the only one being “blessed ” and there is no evidence that the blessings are reaching the tithing congregation then there is a problem

    • Flo. You will be surprised how many millionaires exist in not only JCC but other churches. Leave alone millionaires, there are billionaires who go to these churches and have been giving tithe and offering and gifts for years. If your church does not have wealthy Christians don’t assume they don’t exist.

    • Extreme spending of tithe money!

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