Njoroge Kangiri
Kenyans voted for you thinking you had what it takes to lead them. Unfortunately you are not doing much to better our lives. Please don’t blame us when we vote you out in 2017. You are a big embarrassment to this country. A big shame.
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Njoroge Kangiri replied · 92 replies
Maxwell Lebo
Imagine our mum Margaret Kenyatta is tiresomely running to raise money for beyond zero alafu your sister Nyokabi Muthama & niece Kihanya Kathleen are busy stealing.Since i voted for you in 2013, i have decided to skip my right to vote in 2017, wacha Estema Agencies Eshter Makanga, Peter Njaira, ypour nephew Kihanya and all the beneficiaries of “Afya house billions” do the voting for you this time. Am your staunch supporter but to be real am disappointed in your leadership. Raila is not the alternative either, so i better omit my vote nilale hiyo siku.
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Juma Mmasi replied · 14 replies
Wainaina Wa Wambûi
The worst president in Kenya’s history. I gave you my vote, a stupid mistake I can’t wait for 2017 to rectify.
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Fatma Mohamed replied · 45 replies
Mike Kim
Tourist Prez…usirudi haraka…maybe we shall forget in a week or two how you are plundering this great nation of ours…touring Sudan right now is more important than dealing with your own backyard. …priorities. …. priorities. ..while there don’t lie to them that you are our leader! !!
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Martin Van Ngigi
Before you arrive in Sudan Mr. President, they’ll have stollen some other Billions. Please address the issue of Corruption if you really care about your electorate and this Country.
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Robert Thiari replied · 2 replies
John Karenge
I can’t imagine up to now no Nation address from the President about the Mega Mafia house grand theft. It’s an insult of the highest level to the citizens. He can continue playing games expecting to be reelected next year as if Kenyans are fools. This time round things are different. Kenyans will not conduct business as usual.
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George Njuguna
I will only trust the government if they sack all kikuyus and his relatives from his government starting from his office downwards including cleaners.. All kikuyus have a stealing mentality and they must be avoided like a plague.. Am sorry to my tribesmen but we must make hard decisions..
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Lorenzo Benjamins replied · 13 replies
Kimani Sarah
You couldn’t stand the heat and the fact that your family is thieving our taxes while you are just looking,prepare your luggage’s to leave,Tumechoka
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Fatma Mohamed replied · 6 replies
Martin Njoroge
May God protect you my president as you go to Sudan, please, deal with this issues of corruption it becoming a bad thing even to those who support you sir plz,plz.
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Michael Kimenju
We thought it was only your deputy & his ilk.. kumbe hata wewe na watu wenu.. now i believe what they say.. ‘the government is the only vessel that leaks from the top’.. forget my vote & for those that i can influence..
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Bruno Mchelsea replied · 2 replies

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