Kenyans Beware  of expensive elections pumped from graft money’ is a message that has been put across by Kenyan whistle-blowers! The warning hits hard on Kenyans who expect usual business in the 2017 general elections. In the real sense, according to the source, most of the money that will be used to find the elections will have been obtained through unscrupulous deals in the corridors of the county government.

Inset: CORD Leaders in a previous meeting. Could they be planning to use stolen public money to campaign in the 2017 elections?

Inset: CORD Leaders in a previous meeting. Could they be planning to use stolen public money to campaign in the 2017 elections?

The CORD leader, Raila Odinga, has been a close darling of the Council of Governors (CoG). Easily, he has coerced them into supporting his agenda- to derail government development plans. Since they got to power in 2013, the governors consistently invite the opposition leader to hold talks during the Devolution Conferences. Probably because his CORD party has more governors than Jubilee, he easily pockets the Chair of the CoG and turns him (all are men) a rebel to the government, with a projection to slowly but surely obtaining something in the end.


Isaac Rutto was the first Chairman of the CoG and soon after getting to power, he quickly turned against the same government and party that sponsored his bids and quietly started supporting the opposition. He is no exception- the Meru Governor, Peter Munya has also joined Rutto in doing the unthinkable!


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Isaac Rutto then bought a Chopper to carry him around the Bomet County. He has been called to answer to the senate several times about his constant misuse of public funds but has, in almost all occasions, turned down the summons. Today, he’s not only a leading critique of the government but also, one of the governors who have become rich mysteriously in 4 years!


But the graft is mostly deeply rooted in Governors affiliated to the CORD coalition- they are the most corrupt. Starting with the Capital City, Governor Kidero, after being involved in several scandals worth millions of shillings and bringing Mumias Sugar Company to its knees, has propelled the graft to Kenya’s biggest urban center.


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In-charge of the budget committee, and controlling a decisive fraction of the City County Assembly, Kidero set aside nearly a billion in cash, preparedness for the oncoming El Nino rains. Citizen Tv  confirms how he boldly shouted around that “city ready for El Nino”. His rants, however, pulled a suprise on all Kenyans when the city flooded a few months later due to lack of preparedness. Several people died in Huruma as buildings collapsed  because the county government gave tenders at a fee. Interestingly, all the money he had ‘set aside’ was mysteriously missing and the only thing his scorecard could show was ‘Kidero Grass’.

Huruma Tragedy Building Collapse: It was caused by flooding

Huruma Tragedy Building Collapse: It was caused by flooding


Jack Ranguma, Kisumu Governor, also a staunch supporter of CORD leader Raaila Odinga, was persistently pushing the government to send at least Kes. 15 Billion for ‘disaster preparedness’ and El Ninho response.  The Nation recorded how the ODM governor shouted that the government releases money to his county, even when the meteorological department said the Western Region, especially Nyanza, could not be hit any hard by the adverse rains.



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Still, it was a CORD governor who had bought a Wheelbarrow worth Kes. 109, 000. They have been inflating prices of commodities and tenders at the county level so they can fund Kenya’s most expensive campaigns in 2017? Be the judge!


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