masaku20Sexually starved Kiambu women have sensationally threatened to relocate to more ‘productive’ regions if their men continue to perform dismally in bed.
The visibly sex-craving women held a peaceful demonstration in Kiambu claiming that most men, including young men have failed to perform their conjugal rights.
They said the trend was worsened by high levels of alcohol consumption which saw many men abandon their families.
The women further claimed that only a few newly married women are pregnant with the rest of the bulk dreaming about ever having a baby since men have failed to impregnate them.

“If you walk in this village, you will find so many young married women but ONLY a few are pregnant! We are being starved by those people putting on trousers calling themselves men,” Nancy Wangari, one of the protesters, is quoted as saying.



Women have now threatened to move outside Kiambu to other counties where they can find real men who are serious enough to impregnate them.
They further called on government to make strict laws restricting drinking from 5pm to 11pm for week days and 2pm to 11pm for weekends


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