Njoki Chege Kiuna Cathy Allan Bishop JccWhen I penned the piece titled “How to be the ultimate female Nairobi pastor,’ many thought I was being disrespectful to a “woman of God”. Do not touch the Lord’s anointed, I was warned.

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I will be cursed, they said. Hungry bears will devour my flesh with biblical wrath and I will be cast into an abyss of pain and anguish.

I was accused of targeting a certain female pastor in this town and that I should apologise. But I dare ask: Apologise for what, you little hypocrites? First of all, I think that we have a lot of rogue pastors masquerading as men and women of God who are fleecing the flock in the name of God.

I am not known to mince my words and I don’t think I am going to start now, just because there is a church involved and a few characters who claim to be Pastors, bishops and apostles. I believe in calling it as it and whoever has a problem with me, can go hang on a short tree. I am sick and tired of seeing educated men and women, jubilating over their‘mummy pastor’ and ‘daddy pastor’ as if their lives depended on it. I am sick and tired of watching foolish but graceful churchgoers cheer loudly and hysterically in church at the mention of their pastors but begin to nod off during Bible reading.

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Well, let me start by educating you fools who flock these so called ‘charismatic’ and ‘modern’ individually-owned churches. Those pastors and televangelists you worship are not God. They are not demigods and they have no supernatural powers. They cannot turn water into wine nor walk on water. They cannot heal your child of asthma nor change your philandering cad of a husband. They cannot heal the blind but they can blind you. What they can do though, is con you off your hard-earned money to bankroll their lavish lifestyles as you struggle in debt and lose sleep over that mortgage.

I think it is utterly stupid for a woman, a refined, educated and emancipated woman with a great job and career prospects to put all her trust in a devious female pastor who doesn’t care about her. You see, just because somebody can speak English with a fake accent, wears expensive garb, plays golf in exotic clubs and proclaims the word of God does not necessarily mean that they are truly appointed of the Lord.

Listen. Just because that church can afford to buy airtime on Sunday mornings to air their hogwash on national TV, does not mean that church is the ultimate church. And just because your pastor drives an expensive car and holidays in South Africa does not mean they are blessed and successful. First of all, who lied to you that material possession is equal to blessing. Isn’t blessings the peace of mind, family, love, and good health?

My dear, that Range Rover your ‘daddy pastor’ is driving is not a blessing. That is stolen property bought with your money. That is not a successful and blessed daddy pastor living in Runda. That is a thug handling stolen property. Hold your curses for later. I am just getting started. Listen, you illogical ‘son and daughters of whoever’. You don’t need a female pastor to pray for you to get a husband. You don’t need a conman or conwoman to pray for your husband to stop coming home at 2am smelling of fresh lodging soap. You don’t need a pastor to be your spiritual mother or father.

God is all you have and He is all you will ever need. You also need to stop being silly, get on your goddamn knees and pray for yourself and your family. Look here, you dimwits who flock those ‘modern’ churches where people ‘live-tweet’ and ‘sub-tweet’ each other during service and tagging their pastors. You don’t need that semi-illiterate conman to come lay hands on you or ground break that kaproject in shagz for God’s blessings. Come on, God is just a prayer away and you don’t need to consult a deluded ex-convict or former house girl who has never been to a Theology class before you embark on an investment.

I will tell you the truth even as you throw tantrums all over social media. Those pastors you people worship and adore are humans like you. They tell you not to drink alcohol but you should see them in golf clubs gulping expensive whiskey and cognac.

They tell you not to commit adultery but you should get a printout of their phone records and Sodom and Gomorrah will get a new meaning. They tell you to stay faithful to your wife but you don’t know what their wives go through-but cannot talk because there is a certain image they want to uphold. Some of those pastors you run to for marital advice are on the verge of divorce and they are only tolerating each other for the sake of their business – the church.

Inviting that kapastor to your home and hosting them for dinner, tweeting and re-tweeting nice things about them is not a ticket to heaven. You must think I am an atheist. Well you are not the first to make that mistake. I am a proud and proper Presbyterian who believes that religion and life must follow certain set practice and procedure. Go figure it out.

Let the curses begin. One at a time please.


  1. Preach it sister. HEAD ON!!! I like. The truth as it is.

    • idawos john says:

      infact the govt should abolish these churches instead of preaching the word of god they a stealing from poor worshipers

      • Even the government of the day knows better than try to mess with the church. People will only pray. No one can be able to fight the church and win. We go there for the word, not to worship anyone.

        Let Njoki attend a service and see if they preach that they worship Pastors.

        • intraudit says:

          The government has no interest in getting rid of these churches, in fact it’s in the Govt’s interest that they thrive. Going by what Karl Marx said that religion is the opium of the masses. It’s preferable that the people are kept busy by these charlatans, while govt officials loot the country dry

      • Seems like those fake pastors moved to the states, l leave in a city with a population of 80-100 thousand and there almost 19 Kenyan churches, its second to home care business around here

      • Which ones? All of them? If u mean all of them..if wrong. not al churches are wrong

      • I agree

    • You are so right.
      Wonder when people will wake up and realize it.
      Am a Presbyterian too and it took me being conned

    • I have gone through your article Njoki but I don’t find what you pointing out as ill in their church. Please let me understand what the problem you are addressing ? What is the subject matter ?

      • Kemunto Ondieki says:

        Yes, Njoki I agree with Okuku, what is really the problem with the church you address? It will be helpful to know in order to understand your point.

        • Josephat O says:

          Go to a literature class

          • Anonymous says:

            Aki enda creative writing classes pia. I still don’t understand how they call you a writer. Appointed of God?..smelling of soap, the hell? It’s safe to say, your spite sells, definitely not your writing prowess. Which makes you as dirty a business woman as the people you’re hating on in your article. Spiteful, bitter woman masquerading as a writer.

          • Anonymous says:

            Seriously though, emancipated does not mean what you think it does.

          • You have a point Njoki. But I will second my brothers. Here’s a link to a helpful online software that will enable you to put your message across more professionally.

            All the best!

        • How blind can you be? It doesn’t take reading between the lines to see that she is addressing the issue of the said church being a money minting business. The church has stopped being a place of spiritual nourishment and has turned into a market selling the idea that worldly possessions are God’s blessing. I don’t say they are not. Love, peace patience,kindness, goodness, humility, self control and joy. That should be what the message of the church and God will bless us in more ways than one.

          • so according to you churches and pastors ought to be poor right to prove their spirituality right?? You have a poor mindset. The people buying the Kiunas those lavish cars and houses are not complaining because they see God’s blessing when they do so. You a Presbyterian that knows nothin about JCC and you have never given a dime to that church think you know more about them. Shut up and continue exploiting your poor pastors if that is spirituality according to you. And im not a member of JCC either

      • John Ciwa says:

        Stop being silly.
        Tell people something different n substantial…Well put Njoki Chege

      • Josephat O says:

        Go to a literature class

      • martin Wanjohi says:

        You must have the problem to be able not to see it, must be one of the wits

      • Its Soliloquy… Stop being dumb

      • Okuku! read the article again with open mind!

      • Are you really serious that you don’t see what’s wrong with those fake Christians? Rather than get the answer from Njoki, please pick up a BIBLE, PRAY to God for understanding then read, starting with the words of Jesus Christ about material riches, and find out if it’s okay to even be paid to preach God’s Word. Imitate Jesus, when the devil tried to tempt him he “fought” him by starting off… “it is written” all the time and indeed the devil fled from him.

    • You go gal.tell it the way it is.its only fools who can allow fellow human beings to pray for them. Prayers are personal. One on one you and your God.

    • And who said you become a preacher automatically when you are married to a preacher

    • korir David says:

      Daughter of woman, you have spoken. The gospel of Messianic secret- St Mark did not depict Christ shouting loudly over miracles he performed. The son of man preached humility, honesty, respect, act of charity, service to human and above all worshiping God and having faith in him. And not prayer obsessed with with material wealth and preaching dominated by conditional themes of kupanda mbegu, Zadaka takatifu, sanctified oil and handkerchiefs, alleged protection from witchcraft na mengi mengineo. Entrepreneurs
      they are.

    • Wow, very subtle and effective, now this is gospel that should be taught at these day and age

    • Oh yes oh yes…
      Truth be told.

    • Sheila mutunga says:

      Thanks swiry I like this sooooo much. Will the true men and women of God stand up, please? We are tired of these small personal churches. God doesn’t abide there and never will…..

    • Very true Njoki people need to be civilised

    • I agree with the judge they are prophet of doom

    • For the first time I agree with you

    • Patricia says:

      You couldn’t have put it better. Well done! Kudos to you.

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  2. Ndegwa wahome says:

    Love it NJOKI CHEGE.Why don’t every one see things in this very simple way as you do.I applaud you for being honest,concise in a very difficult situation that is Kenyan population.

  3. really a hardliner but true to the point. most of the so called faithfuls are overdoing it. Am a christian and wouldnt buy any of the dogmatism being carried around in the “charisma” churches! nice one Njoki

    • Which are the ‘charisma’ churches? At least ours worships Jehovah and preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. Who defines them anyway? Pole kwa Njoki and Co.

  4. You said it gal.People should wake up and smell the coffee

    • Weldone… I saw this lying down when I was barely 5 yrs. Why people, grown ass people can’t see this flying is causing indignation in me… And, whoever the devil curses YOU, YOU’RE STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN, JUST LIKE ME… LET THEM INCLUDE ME IN THE CURSES

  5. you’ve just hit wea it hurts most….thanks fo revealing the truth..n the whole truth

  6. I absolutely 100% concur with your sentiments……Wealth is not necessarily a manifestation of God’s blessings and grace…..gullible men and women are constantly being hoodwinked into adoring successful “so called pastors” at the expense of their hard earned money. God does not need someone to tell Him your problems,aspirations et al but you and only YOU.They prey on their emotions eventually clouding their judgement and conviction to hiw a true believer in God should conduct his/her life. It is a pity seeing these people talking about how they have grown as a church but in reality it is their bank accounts that have,not the spiritual one mind you,so their follwers ought not to get surprised when they are turned away at the Gates of Heaven.This is so sad…….

    • DAVID OMONDI says:

      Very true indeed.Most of us are brain washed by pastors and we never know when we are brain washed

  7. Good Job Njoki, I should hire you to write my SEO articles.

  8. Professions of religions have become popular with the world. Rulers, politicians,lawyers,doctors, merchants, join the church as means of recuring respect and confidence of the society, and advancing their own world interests. Thus they seek to cover all their unrighteous transactons under a profession of christianity.

    Too often religious leaders who are prasied and reverenced lose sight of thier dependence upon God and are led to trust temselves. As a result they seek to control the minds and consciences of the people , who are disposed to look at them for guidance instead of looking to the word of God.

  9. isaiah omondi says:

    looking at your comment looks you are hurt by what you have seen your observation may be justifiable and that the society sells that and people find their way but what would you have done if you are the pastor ? would you make it look different. all institutions here on earth have been started by men and all have the same life cycle there is that point of struggle at startups then a platue phase then we have the peak phase that is so called success. our systems feed us with that information that life is that way and so we focus on gratifying the flesh tell me then you don’t want good life and that you are a saint? no man is righteous we are all sinners and have fallen sort the glory of God. in your own right you see your view as right and justifiable but we are all hear on earth and only God is in heaven so all of us have plane ground level and we are all racing to get to that heaven but it wont come about when we criticize each other . it is like two blind men arguing about which way to go. being good does not come about by saying but by actions we know that they are there and if we know the truth that comes from our Master and Lord Jesus then we will be free and will focus on our holiness. for now lets look at Jesus who is the perfecter of our faith and then we will be counted worth to me that is the success we need all including those con men to know this truth . so lets all carry our cross and follow Jesus.

    • Isaiah, I have read through your comment and I think you can be of help to many in this one point, all them pastors will call you to their churches and ministries and they promise you all the miracles, riches and solutions to all your problems. I rarely hear them preach humility and Heaven ie walking along the narrow rugged road that leads to life, I have never heard them preach carrying the heavy cross upon the shoulders. I hear a lot of “SAVED”. Is getting rich and the earthly miracles equal to entering the Heaven of Jesus Christ?. Secondly, if God is my real father, what is the role of a pastor between me and my father who created me because he knew me before I was born and had a purpose for me. I have heard these people say, my church, Jesus Christ also said I will build my Church, where are we Mr. Omondi if you can spare a moment or two please.

      • I am a writer too…let me summarize Njoki’s write-up by this end note.THE DANGER OF A SINGLE STORY!Having read your article to its entirety…I only saw one side of the story…Your articles will remain opinion pieces because simply you write your own opinion which has earned you a massive following…which ain’t a bad thing per se…Any writer or journalist worth their salt weave in all angles of the story.As for the subject matter…I will leave it untouched.

    • Jacklyne Ajwang says:

      It is only God who can judge all of us have fallen short of the Glory of God who are we to judge

      • Ekaxx E E says:

        So a sister comes and bangs your hubby you won’t raise a wors word of protest because “onmy God cqn judge”? You put the bible to shame! No wonder they use you worse than tampons

      • Ekaxx E E says:

        So a sister comes and bangs your hubby you won’t raise a word of protest because “only God can judge”? You put the bible to shame! No wonder they use you worse than tampons

    • dont justify sinners.. .. .thats is what i ve seen and understood.

    • dont justify sinners.. .. .thats is what i ve seen and understood……..p

  10. Couldn’t have said it better! If only people could smell the coffee…

  11. Elizabeth says:

    very deep message. mwenye masikio ……

  12. I couldn’t have put it better. This is the very first time I agree with you Njoki 100%. I am a catholic and I wouldn’t give my priest all I have in the name of looking for blessings.

  13. Amen for Practice n Procudures(P n Ps)

  14. Amen for Practice n Procedure(P n P’s)!

  15. Big up Njoki, you have called a spade a spade and not a big spoon. That’s why they only preach properity gospel

  16. love this 4 any support for this truth am really ready to help.

  17. I like.

  18. This is yet another wonderful piece from you sister. I often wonder how far this nonsense of “mummy/daddy” in churches will go. It makes me sick to the stomach. What happened to preaching love, holiness and repentence ?

  19. I conquer with you 100%, Catholic till i die

  20. since I found out that people rehearsal for false miracles I went back to my Presbyterian roots n nothing can convince me that an individually_owned church is genuine anymore.well said Njoki

  21. Stop JUDGING them,their wealth is people given as in people tithe,give offering etc where do you expect them to get their daily bread from? i have never had them steal from anyone.you should learn from them n start your catch, i believe every one of us has a gift put yours into use sister n you might end up in Runda…..i have learnt to put my trust in God coz even those Presbyterians are no better.Besides no one has ever been to heaven n came back, we all believe by faith that heaven exists.

    • My dear this goes beyond tithe and offering. And I am speaking out of experience. I have had one borrow (and I use the word borrow painfully) money from innocent tithers with the statement that it is going to be paid back. When the time comes, one is told not to demand money of the holy Spirit and that is the last you will ever see your money amidst threats of death and pending doom prophesied. I have seen people forced by our men and women of God to borrow money under duress so that they can achieve breakthrough. Not knowing the Bible is our downfall because it says we shall not borrow but be lenders to the nations and also that we give within our means. Faithful tithers have lost houses because women of God have assured them that the house is on a foundation of demons and u need to vacate it by sowing it to the church? Why sell something demon infested to someone else? If you be a woman of God, why not fast and pray for the demons to leave?

      I have had it up to my throat with these particular kind of women of God!!!!

    • Be dowers of the word.

  22. theas one God and ur pastor aint him.. even those tu reserved churches presbyterian,aic.anglican,jehova wanyonyi for as long as its being led by humans and not aliens,pia huko kuna team mafisi and therein ul still find those ple who do a threesome with God in the name of ‘pastor niombee’. ple should not use spirituality at the expense of common sense.

    • well said mimi

    • spirituality at the expense of common sense, what a phrase! but couldnt agree more. religion in nonsense. for one, if Njoki Chege was born in Syria, she’d probably be a jihadi bride. nothing close to the Prysebeterian she claims to be. But its sad, very sad, that churches should fleece poor souls

  23. theas one God and ur pastor aint him.. even those tu reserved churches presbyterian,aic.anglican,catholic,jehova wanyonyi etc for as long as its being led by humans and not aliens,pia huko kuna team mafisi and therein ul still find those ple who do a threesome with God in the name of ‘pastor niombee’. ple should not use spirituality at the expense of common sense.

  24. for sure mankind has been awash to think that blessing is material wealth n the men in cloth have taken this window to preach about prosperity thus fleecing their followers to their last bone marrow …keep it on njoki the truth cant get any better than this am ur ardent follower u speak in no uncertain terms

  25. Now this I fully agree with. Develop a relationship with God not your pastor.
    The pastor should lead you to Christ the rest is YOU and God.

  26. Njoki, ebu tell these bunch of foolish Kenyans how they are being takenfor a ride..the worst part is that most of the “modern” churches ndio wako na hizo matabia…can people stop using God for the wrong reasons??I hate pretenders!!!!

  27. I will begin by saying that you are one of a kind and godsent gift to those primitive people out there who believe in such illusions and end up being slaves of their pastors.I personally congratulate you for doing wat u do every weekend.I always look forward for your article Njoki.Keep Up preaching wats right.

  28. Well said its about God and not pastor.

  29. magdalene muchoki says:

    yay! yay! yay!. go tell it on the moooooouuntains, over the hills and eeeevery wheeeeere!x2

  30. May God have mercy on you.
    It is not your fault.
    Let’s see how far you will go with speaking ill of God’s chosen people.

    • What makes them God chosen? Their word?

    • Why threaten Njoki Chege for speaking the truth. Which God do you pray to Maureen??. Set a good example of them saved ones and if you think she is wrong pray and fast very hard for her, if nothing happens, kesha and fast and pray and keep praying.

      • Those are business men. I have been there before. Walked with one Dr. Owour later with a church in town. I prefer to sit in my house and watch cartoons. It’s all a con game. You need to have very little brain to follow this shenanigans. Very well put Njoki. I salute you

    • githogori says:

      ignorance will have the best of you.Njoki is very eloquent on this matter.The mere fact that a post punishment awaits anyone who critically pinpoints religious dogmas is very effective with people like you.You do not need to be religious to be moral.

  31. May GOD have mercy on you on speaking ill of His annointed ones.
    It is not your fault.
    Keep on talking,let’s see how far you’ll go with this.

    • Maureen,do you know what annointed means?You’ll be surprised to find out it has nothing to do with those two pastors.

    • Please let’s respect God’s own anointed, I’ve learnt a lot from the story of David and King Saul.

    • Maureen are you one of the mentioned culprits perhaps?

    • Otieno Ralphael Onyango says:

      Jesus Christ left one Church with one authority. Someone decided to lead a rebellion in the name of protesting. The broken away side continues to break down both physically and into morals every second, the curse of trying to break the Church of Christ.
      On Jesus own words ‘…. I will be with this Church to the end’. Look around you and observe what is going on among these breakaway protestant churches and their ‘anointed’ ones.

      Open your eyes and come back to one Church that Christ commissioned and left her Authority to St. Peter, one Universal Catholic Church for all mankind. So long as you decide to stay outside this Church, you will never experience peace. AMEN.

  32. Catholic says:

    You nailed it except for the denomination part.A relationship with God through Jesus Christ is all that is required to be called a Christian. Charismatic, Presbyterian,Catholic etc…that changes nothing.

  33. njoki thanks for tagging them.well said.eti unaita mama ya wenyewe mum & dad.to hell

  34. Well put.. I can’t put more words

  35. What a message my dear sis i wish all of them could see this i like it you have said it all , if i was the one i dont know how i could have phrased it

  36. Truth said in what sound like bitterness??

  37. Christine says:

    For someone who believes in God and his preaching ur awfully doing a gd job trashing other peoples names. You are taking your preaching to a whole new personal level. If you really feel that way don’t txt go face them go out in public and preach it and carry ur evidence while at it and if ur doing it for the fame then thats the wrong way to go abt it.
    Am a believer of Christ and I do no there are so many hypocrites’ in our churches nowadays that’s y I pray in the comfort of my own home. To you this seems like the best alternative way but ur no better, u hv sunk lower than they hv so regardless of wat u say even if its true u know better than to trash peoples names in the name of stating the truth so as to be recognized,be famous or some other lunatic idea u had to txt wat uv txtd.

    • Anonymouse says:

      I think Njoki has done a splendid job using her blog. As it is, she has actually gone ‘out there’ and preached it on social media, which by the way, has an even bigger reach.

    • florence says:

      you would think that Pst kathy took Bishop Allan from Njoki, she writes like a sick woman fighting for something

      • Florence I prescribe you read through Njoki’s article while thoroughly ignoring your emotions to destract your attention. By doing so your blind eyes will open wide n vacate that pastor Kiuna’s church coz your comment taste as if you’re a victim of the above subjects. Otherwise to to Njoki who always sound allergic to men; You can help the society greatly by addressing such serious muck in our religious institutions than than attacking innocent men.

  38. I read your articles and most times am in agreement with you but this time, allow me to disagree totally on this one and the previous one too! I have a few questions for you Njoki Chege….I wonder why you didn’t write this article(s) way back when “daddy” was drinking chang’aa in those dens putting his mother through turmoil or when “mummy” was a wild girl and all she knew was club hopping…how about that time when they had no penny to thier name with no place to live after auctioneers took away what they termed as valuables then….incase you didn’t know a stranger hosted them for God knows how long sleeping on the floor! And how about the agony they’ve been through hoping and praying that their son would one day not use a wheelchair.
    Why didn’t you start educating us fools when their congregation was made up by less than ten people at Tin Tin restaurant? surely back then mummy and daddy weren’t as sharp dressers!

    Talk about the Ngara Church premises and I would tell you it was soo crowded and stuffy sometimes I preferred watching their programmes on Family TV only because well….they weren’t on KTN!

    See mummy and daddy have certainly come from somewhere and that is where you ought to have started….just so we can get a clear picture of your understanding/knowing of them. To me your scathing attacks are nothing short of a woman hating on another simply because she’s got everything going for her!
    Whether their PDA’s are real or fake how about assuming that they could actually be great friends and you cant fake friendships for that long. I want my relationship with my significant other even greater than theirs! you know someone to honey, baibe me like he does! what woman wouldn’t love that? you perhaps!

    Do Catholics or other denominations tithe and give offerings in their churches? I guess they do and when you are about the Kingdom, then you need no one to coarse you to give cheerfully….and these tithes, we don’t have them delivered to heaven either, we give them in our Churches so forgive me if mummy’s and daddy’s come in hundreds of thousands and honestly thats none of my business after all the congregation is no longer made up of ten worshipers but a multitude! I guess you are allowed to now call me gullible.

    What is happening here is when we ignorant people choose to focus our attention on individuals and ofcourse they will always fall short. They are human, flesh and blood mortal sinful beings just like you and me but you cannot take it from them that they possess something greater…bigger whatever you want to call it and that’s why you’ve taken your sweet time to give your two cents worth.

    They know what they are here for and they are doing it well and succeeding welll at it….I trust you are doing the same for yourself too.
    Whether you admit it or not, like it or not yes they are anointed of God and they tell us a relationship with God is a personal one…..so their personal relationship with God has gotten them to where they are and you know something? get ready to write more when they acquire that private jet and another palatial home coz apparently that Runda house is becoming too small for them! Who doesnt need alittle inspiration huh?

    I am a better person because I have been taught, trained and equipped and yes I dress better too! I have my personal relationship with God going on and am loving it.
    Who are we to pass judgment? If they are using God’s name in vain let Him deal with them! otherwise you will keep getting incensed when people are simply doing ‘them’ again drinking cognac and stuff sure feels good than going without a square meal don’t you think?

    Don’t pull another woman down just because….am sure you cant pull of a stride in skyscraper heels or paint your nails rainbow or change Peruvian weaves faster than they are manufactured.
    Address matters that would offer solutions to people because am sure no one has pulled out of JCC because your article has opened their ‘eyes’.

    Its about God not individuals let not mix the two!

    Sorry but this one has left a rather bitter taste.

    Am just saying.

    • Jerry K, thanks for your comment. I have just bumped on to this article, dont know much about the church or pastors but for sure njeri’s article is so misguided. This is what happens when believers focus on humans/individuals instead of Christ. The Lord said it, “there’s nothing good in the flesh’ this applies to all of us. Again, the Bible point’s to us one called ” the accuser of the brethren” you know him, it is not in our place to come against our brothers/sister but indeed to pray for them and support them even if by pointing out their mistakes to them personally. the comments here are unfortunate, no one is talking about Jesus Christ but rather, catholic, Presbyterian etc….non of this many churches will ever qualify one to everlasting life; tis Christ and Christ alone. Lastly, remember that righteousness is a gift, not a reward or something one can earn; we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, not out of our own deeds but that which is of Christ, in fact the scripture says clearly that our own righteousness is like a piece of rag..therefore, you may not look at any brother/sister and judge from their action weather they are or are not righteous. As for Njeri, as we prayfor Pastors kiuna, lets do the same for her too…for the Lord says; without love it is nothing! Thanks

      • Anonymouse says:

        Njeri has simply pointed out, albeit with a sharp stick, the illness pervading society – people who love to be worshiped, their worshipers and what she thinks about it. I for one agree with her

    • true to myself says:

      A scam is a scam is a scam.. Daddy and mummy scam

    • Ken Mutai says:

      you are very very right Jerry K..infact,i was expecting Njoki to point out an accusing finger onn the Kiunas over something fishy that she was taken away from….Njoki….be carefull with your comments…And mark-you,we are not to judge.God in heaven alone has that mandate and not you..if they are misleading the flock,then may God deal with them at the judgement day..I do not know the kiunas kabisaaaa infact I don’t reside in Nairobi but this article of yours sister Njoki is really misguiding.

    • I totally agree with Jeri K. N even reading n re- reading her article or should I say crap I didn’t see what she is whining about. As another writer said let God be the judge n she should be very careful about the Lord’s anointed. I don’t even see why she is soo mad after all she is not among her so called corned, doesn’t mummy/ daddy them, doesn’t even atteng JCC! Or does she? Pliiiiis…….just take ur loosing cards someplace else. Maybe the govt…we have more problems there.

    • Finally some level headed thinking. Not so much is published about a man and his bride sleeping on the floor…

  39. Christine says:

    Am not a church goer nor am I there church member I blv in wats right nd ur not . U hv stated the obvious but where is ur proof. If u were in a position of authority would u be any different coz am sure as hell know u wnt if this is how u go about handling the injustices in our community and country at large.
    Ur going about it all wrong and in a cowardly manner, If u proved ur point like in jicho pevu and just stop stating the obvious.

    • Anonymouse says:

      Why haven’t you started your own blog instead of jibing at her in the comments section like a coward? Do the research and give us the findings yourself

  40. Maina M. says:

    Pastors are conmen by another name.

    • Correction Maina M its “Fake Pastors” that are cons,Pray to be filled with The Holy Ghost and you will be in a position to tell the difference


  42. Thas true njoki its not tym for our pastors to tell us how much we are going to be rich in this world we want those who are leading us to heaven and leaving according to Jesus Christ teaches.Why are our today preaches so different with the disciplines of Christ ,they are so worldly .they are of their father devil

  43. Wow ! Njoki, this is the Kenya we live today. I wish many of us were like you. Say things as they are. We’ve become subjects of spiritual manipulation. May be it is time to go back and reconnect with God. In my understanding, God is not even a man of hype, true worshipers are hardly hyped by material things and instant prosperity. He is a God of process and values his workmanship by guiding us and molding us to his true nature. may be as followers of Christ, we need to retrace back our steps.

  44. well..well..am kinda seeing some light but does it mean when the bible tells us to bring all the tyth to the store house. That is a lie ama?

    • My brother, do not be deceived! The scripture in Malachi never asked you or anyone of us to bring tithe to His house. You surprised? Read it yourself in context and historical background. It was exhorting the Priests to not neglect their duty of bringing the tithe which is food not money, into the Storehouse of the Temple. How our religious men have turned the whole things upside down! Read the scriptures with the guidance of Ruach Ha Qodesh to know Abba Father’s mind and be instructed. Do you realise that Jesus, His disciples and the whole church that we read about in the New Testament never paid Thite? It was never taught at all. What was taught is Giving to the Adonai of your time, yourself and your possession. Tithe was instituted to cater for the tribe of Levi who were not allowed to share in the land YHWH gave to His people. They were to be dedicated to Him. The Priests were then supposed to bring the Tithes of the Tithes received to the storehouse, so that there will be food in His house. That’s how the High Priests were living. These days Pastors have muddled up everything for the sake of filthy lucre. Don’t even be deceived or confused about the argument that Avram paid tithe, or Jacob promised to tithe if he was delivered……time will not permit me to expatriate. My advice is that Love YHWH with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind. Then give liberally as His Ruach Ha Qodesh lay it in your mind. Give to the poor, help people, give to genuine God’s work. Give and do not give sparingly. Give in secret, not for men to see you. Let not your right hand knows what your hand hand is giving. Be released from the lie and bondage of Tithing. You are never an Israelite, you never shared in the land YHWH gave them, you therefore have no right to pay any Tithe to anybody, but give as the Ruach leads you. We are I the last days and perilous times are here already! Shalom!

      • Be blessed. Very inspiring. I agree totally. That’s the link I have been looking for. So liberating. Be blessed again….shalom

    • Funny that that’s the only scripture you can recite word by word. You have been brainwashed brethren!

  45. You have put it right

  46. You are a woman of God even though you have no clue and I’m sure the pastors agree with you. They are not the ones causing the healing, they are not the ones bringing the blessing, they have no super natural powers and they are not demigods, that’s not news to them either they know that There is only one God, One healer, One provider, One sustainer and only He gives the power, Only He heals and causes a change in our lives- Unless your argument then changes to God being the issue of which from your post you acknowledge that we should pray to God and He is the one who does all things;so it cannot be, Id say you just preached. You have become the very pastor that you accuse, Only difference is nobody has given you any offering for this, but your reward is great though.
    You also seem to know who a thug is in detail. It takes one to know one but in the end Gods Name is glorified and I’m sure He is pleased that you have proclaimed in length that the Glory is not mans but ALL the Glory belongs to God.

    People get excited with Pastors and as such just want to give them gifts last I checked receiving a gift isn’t sin, Im sure you have received a gift from someone, who had no reason or just felt moved to give you something just because of who you are… People choose to give from their hearts irrespective of rationalism or lack thereof. You cannot get angry with people because of their choices yet you do not know them? that is somewhat Immature. You cannot impose on choice.

    Your heart is in the right place though and one day you will read this article and be moved at how far God will have changed you. I am excited that He has began a good work in you. No insults here pole much love and blessings though… I’m excited for you.

    God bless You Njoki 🙂

    • Ivy, this is good. you have commented with love..i agree, one day njeri will read her own article and see it in the light of the grace of Christ. as we Pray for pastors Kiuna in whatever challenge they are facing, i ask that we pray for the revelation of God’s love and light to touch njeri. The Lord loves The Kiunas just as much as He does njeri, you and me. be blessed!

    • It ceases being a gift when it is coerced and gotten through blackmail.

  47. I am trying to relate the article and the title/subject…….
    We all have our opinions, we are entitled to have them. If I give my hard earned cash voluntarily, how have the Pastors stollen from me?

    • Dear Njoki,
      I have read and partially understood your article. There’s one thing though that i disapprove about blogging or and journalism-is that if you look carefully on what the headline or the title is, and what the body talks about, they tend to contradict.( as one is general and the other is hitting out on someone)
      There is now a trend of ‘painting churches'(direct translation).
      MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD i.e PASTORS, DEACONS etc are men and women made of flesh and so they are bound to errors and so it is not for us to judge as if we do, we are no better.
      My dear sister, salvation is work and sometimes you will fail and fall but what we do is wake up from the fall ‘no matter how deep’ and start running again.
      men and women of God are just that as their title suggests but not God as there is only One God.
      it is true that we don’t have to go to them to pray for us as we can do that ourselves and God will hear us as He Is Almighty.
      Have a blessed day all.

  48. truth be told…tel them


  50. nzioki mativo says:

    the angel must have been speaking to you njoki or whatever they call you as you penned this piece..please preach it again and again…i will not call these pastors conmen..and conwomen..but these are entrepreneurs merchandising the grace of God. The clients are men and women desperate to believe in something that will comfort them..that’s why these entrepreneurs sell the message of hope and blessings. ‘They don’t forget to indicate that the customer blessings are directly proportional to the seeds they sow’ ..even so..we have a new crop of clients who want a god they can see and touch..the lost isralites..their god just died of malaria couple of months ago..some of the things we believe in ..even the devil gets surprised.

  51. It takes a brave lady to say that!…I love it

  52. Bishop Mugo says:

    Njoki, it’s very unfortunate that as a Christian can use such a vulgar language against, Servants of God. Of course this makes you popular with those others who have been in the recent past bashing Servants of God. You have manifested a lot of bitterness – only you who knows the reason. While none is perfect – Men of God included, the word of God remains clear, as the Presbyterian you said that you are you must be well versed with this; ” Touch not my anointed, do my prophets not harm.” This isn’t a suggestion, it’s a command. Those who do, invite God’s wrath upon themselves. Apparently you are not fearful of this because you have already, just to quote you invited the curses upon yourself (let the curses come one by one) that’s what you said. I fear for you Njoki. This is arrogance per excellence. Why is it so painful to you when a servant of God drives a good car and lives in a good house?

    • Bishop Mugo says:

      By the way Njoki and those of you others who are hatefully hurling insults against The Kiunas, do you have pastors? Do they walk to their places of work or ride on bicycles and live in hovels and holes like jackles?

  53. By next year at this time, if you will have strength to write another piece like this judging men and women of God, then I will know your Own god is alive… How could you judge them like this? Are they the only pastors in Kenya? You need to travel and see the wonders and great great great things men of God are doing out there. It takes money money money to spread the gospel.
    MONEY IS A DEFENSE, in case you don’t know.
    In fact I did not see you quote any bible verse to support your so called true judgement.
    Watch yourself.

    • You also have no right to give God a timeline… “By next year at this time…” are you judging and giving God a timeline to act on your judgement?
      Let’s openely criticise and not curse. Even Saul used to persecute God’s people and see how far God brought him

      • I like this brother. God is not human and He has steadfast love for all, Why is she giving Him a timeline.??

  54. You made a mistake for calling them pastor they are mad men and female.killers……they have killed already.

  55. dada yangu….till you know you dont know,,,and move close to ‘them’ then uchoyo utawacha…….

  56. funny…wat has been exposed thea…??if the kiunas kan convince just a single soul to find solace in christ,dnt talk ill of them they r vessels of God,let God judge cz they dnt even use ur name they use Gods name,nd no has been forced to call them dad or mum nor calling for help frm kiunas….so wacha kierere ya kujua sana ama kujifanya saviour

  57. Makosoro says:

    Message Njoki Chege,matata ya mwasi…Tell dem girl.Those with ears to hear,those with eyes to see..

  58. Njoki i petty you
    one thing you don’t understand is that these men n women u despise carry with them your blessing and curse. GOD have entrusted them the flock with a purpose n am not a pastor but I believe wen
    2chro 20:20 says that; Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. It has its own Devine meaning though not everybody can understand the importance of these prophets u devalue but we who understand am not ashamed I have faith in my spiritual father wherever he is I enjoy being under his covering and I enjoy his blessings. When he speaks a word to my life I embrace it because I know God has given him that authority. When the biblical Hanna prayed for a long time without a child its until the man of God asked her why she was drunk but she replied she appeared drunk because of the cry she hd made before God and until then when the man of God told her to go home for her prayer had been heard and after a while she got pregnant. The prophets u so talk about carry our blessings and they are our shepherds. May the Lord help us

  59. The village boy says:

    they cant heal the blind but they have ways to blind you because of your money

  60. For the first time, someone has come out strongly and said the truth as it is. kwanza the idea of mummy and daddy in church. it’s a psychological way of creating a ‘dependence’ relationship and the church goers start owing allegiance to the ‘mummy” and “daddy”. Conmen and women at the best.

  61. Njoki has nailed it. some of these churches are cons. I have experienced about 3 clients of an international bank who took huge loans of up to 3 m and gave to the church. when they lost their jobs, the church disowned them. I remember calling a senior paster to intervene on one of the loanee but the answer i got was shocking.

  62. Kenyans, will remain to be fools. They read from the bibles we have an access to. The truth is just inside it!

    Wajinga watabakiwa kuliwa. The number 666 that the revelation talks about is happening and is there in the bible. Antichrist-false prophets-the devil himself.

  63. I have read this to the end. Honestly, I didn’t see anything tangible raised, only emotion outbursts. I was expecting you to specifically point to issues that make Kiunas what u have described.

  64. You are spot on. Fake pastors have been exposed. What shocks me is that national television stations allow these people to con wananchi. They are accomplices in the crime of theft being perpetrated in broad day light. Nice piece.

  65. Pls what she is saying is a plain and white truth but I can assure any human being that playing with tha word of God is like welcoming death to your life.the are the ends days

  66. Writing for the sake of writing. Just because you write with passion doesn’t make you right sista. It’s obvious you seek to tickle people’s emotions with this sensational writing.
    So what’s your point? Pastors should be poor matatu hoppers? For such a materialistic writer this is a contradiction. City girls are allowed sponsors (adultery) but pastors should not collect offerings? I’ll be giving my tithe this Sunday proudly so you can have a church. N no vain writer gonna do nuttin about DAT!!

  67. Njoki,giving is voluntary n its between you n your God.So my friend you have some strong points but the question is .who appointed you to be the judge.If you dont agree with the giving then dont give and yes our pastors need comfort n friends as much as you may need.they are not angels.N dont even think of joining the world n persecuting the men of God.you did not anoint them God did,You did not call them God did.So the misled Christians should take the bible and only obey what the bible says n not what the pastors are saying remember dear Njoki in this world no one is perfect but we are all striving to the mark of perfection n the perfect one are now in heaven with the father.Tell me you as a human being you are perfect n i will call you a lier.Sorry but i dont agree on people who have became prosecutors of the preachers.

  68. SIMON KIOI says:

    Times when I feel to keep silent and pray.

  69. Njoki, read this and clearly sounds personal to you…kwani what did these people do to you??? the article doesn’t in any way seem objective!!!

  70. heehe!let the truth rain down..preach it as it is sisto

  71. There is no need to think of curses but blessings. I am sure I cannot write the way you do because may be my English does not match yours but certainly you have spoken the minds of many. I do not watch any church service streaming live for it is like watching Churchill Show. Anyone who goes to tv is in business and these so called “men/women of God” are in business. I would better lose my money and soul elsewhere and not to this people

  72. There is no need to think of curses but blessings. I am sure I cannot write the way you do because may be my English does not match yours but certainly you have spoken the minds of many. I do not watch any church service streaming live for it is like watching Churchill Show. Anyone who goes to tv is in business and these so called “men/women of God” are in business. I would better lose my money and soul elsewhere and not to these people

  73. Jesus said He is the way the truth and the life,no one can come to my father except through Him not pastor,kenyans wamezoea kutumia mtu kupata kitu vile tu wanatafuta job kupitia mtu pia miracles wanataka kupitia mtu na God is available anywhere

  74. I wonder what church has become. But true to Cheges article Kiunas are the reason I stopped going to church. There is this one time I went there with my then 4 year old niece. It was my first time, upon arriving at the gate there were two fully armed police men at the gate Manning it..I was shocked at first because we hadn’t gone to Somalia yet and one could proudly say kenya hakuna matata. I could wrap my head around it but I later learnt that it’s because they collect alot of money on the Sunday that’s way they need some security. Well the reason why I went there was to get soul food and get spiritual nourishment but to my dissapointment all I heard was how well daddy treats mummy and how large they are living. On the expense of their followers -I thought to myself. All I heard was give give and give to God and remain with 50bob to get you home. Well I didn’t mind because I lived at a stone throw distance so I figured if they’ll convinced me to give all I had then I’ll just walk home but woe to this who lived far. One thing that shocked me though is the time they were convincing the congregation to give. The doors were locked my little niece wanted to go to littles girls room and the usher told us we couldn’t leave till they are done. This is total bullshit I said to myself. .I had to wait and watch my niece make faces as she was so pressed. Since that day I made the conclusion that church is nolonger what it used to be and I stopped going. I get proved right everyday when I see and hear pastors from using chemicals to convince their congregation that they are bleeding to feeding them with snakes and tell them they taste like chacolates.

  75. Tiberius says:

    Fuck you
    i guess……its a good piece i agree but if nobody is going to insult you lol……well!!


  76. Billy Marsha says:

    Very well put.Thanks Njoki Chege.The rise of anti christs.Godnis watching them and they will perish like sodom and gomorrah

  77. what does this lady know about the bible anyway…..people like David could give 5 million dollars in gold in one singular offering to God, He wallowed in gold and silver BUT even killed another husband just to have the wife….he struggled with lots of sin but still God called him a man after my own heart…..

  78. I think i need to know more about u. For sure u dont seem to mince ua words. This is very rare courage……..

  79. Sylvia Njeri says:

    Kudos! Those are some balls you got

  80. Now listen to me Njoki, i haven’t seen u giving us any solution in this matter. They criticized Job not knowing they would later seek him eagerly for healing. It is good to rebuke others when they go astray but then give directions, set examples. All of us will appear before the judgement seat of God in heaven and we will be judged according to those things done in this fresh, that is why i fear pointing fingers to other Christians. What if you find them in heaven later? Think of the parable of the scribe and the tax corrector!!.

    For sure there is a spiritual problem in Kenya and so Instead of pointing fingers on others we should respond to the call of fervent prayers and fasting like in Nineveh, or the early church. Acts6:4 “….But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word”. Jesus said when this things begins to happen let those who are in Judea run to the mountain, not to the media come on….True worshipers will set the pace, think of Evans Robert, George white field, Jonathan Edward, wiggles worth etc. If there is no one in Kenya of this kind then you and me have failed.

    • I see nothing of importance in this article. I am a writer and I would say; “now write about the Kenyans who allow themselves to be blinded”.
      Why did God bring Moses to lead the Israelites…..we need a Moses. Too bad is someone chooses the wrong Moses who is not God appointed.
      I will still call my pastor for prayers even when I get a new job….leave alone when am laying a foundation for my real estate project.
      As someone said, bring solutions……stop pointing fingers.

    • Amen!! Amen!!! Amen!!!

    • Amen

  81. let them who have ears hear.

  82. Dan Mugo says:

    Spot on… tell these fools again. My people disappear for lack of…..
    PCEA na sihami.

  83. Eva Oguna says:

    You are damn right.

  84. This’ wat u call cyber bullying.so you want yr pastors to be very poor, live in some shanti just so that u can say they are walking in the ways of Christ.u also want the to take their Tea from under the tree and play kalongo so that yr tithe is not taken a golf clubs. Av never seen them fake miracles neither have they stolen from anyone. Everyone who gives they do it willingly. Move move….is ua soo mad who has tied your hands. Only God will judge us not u Njoki or whatever u call urself.

  85. This’ wat u call cyber bullying.so you want yr pastors to be very poor, live in some shanti just so that u can say they are walking in the ways of Christ.u also want them to take their Tea from under the tree and play kalongo so that yr tithe is not taken to a golf club. Av never seen them fake miracles neither have they stolen from anyone. Everyone who gives they do it willingly. Move move….if ua soo mad who has tied your hands. Only God will judge us not u Njoki or whatever u call urself.

  86. Anastacia Trizah says:

    So what exactly what have you exposed Njoki Chege? don’t you realize you’re just ranting your disappointments and bitterness. I don’t deny there are false partners, but I will tell you your trend. ..You don’t simply want to hear anyone is doing good. Know what gal, get something better to write on, build yourself with the knowledge of the word of God and equip yourself for better things. I think you can do better with your life than always biting others…if you have a problem with any pastor, it’s your problem not a societal problem, so don’t include everyone…then as a writer, respect people…calling them fools doesn’t add any value to your article or make you a super woman..in fact let me be candid with you, it only reveals the foolishness in you. So beauty, get busy with important things…you can do better with your life than this…

  87. U seem so bitter abt it, kwani she took something from u? & wateva they decide to call their pastor wats yr issue…just like u call yr lover names or yr child, daddy or even a friend. I wonder why u gt all this bitterness

  88. Anastacia Trizah says:

    So what exactly what have you exposed Njoki Chege? don’t you realize you’re just ranting your disappointments and bitterness. I don’t deny there are false pastors, but I will tell you your trend. ..You don’t simply want to hear anyone is doing good. Know what gal, get something better to write on, build yourself with the knowledge of the word of God and equip yourself for better things. I think you can do better with your life than always biting others…if you have a problem with any pastor, it’s your problem not a societal problem, so don’t include everyone…then as a writer, respect people…calling them fools doesn’t add any value to your article or make you a super woman..in fact let me be candid with you, it only reveals the foolishness in you. So beauty, get busy with important things…you can do better with your life than this…

  89. florence says:

    njoki, or whatever your name is, why are you always after the Kiunas. why are you always fighting the Jcc church, what is it of yours that they stole? Bishop kiuna studied until A levels that wasnt enough schooling for you. I see you as a person with a sick mind, and pray that the Lord may one day open your eyes. their Pastors with ill motives in this city, who are fake like the one who fake miracles in emberkasi, or the 301 seed pastor, why cant u write about them, whats the big deal in driving a range, whats the big deal in living in runda, most residents in nigeria live in the kind of house they live in, what beef do u have with them. may the Lord help your sick head.

  90. I want to marry you like right now where can i get you ….

    500 goats for your mummy and daddy …

  91. true that most of this pastors ni wezi tu sana..keep on exposing this fake so called pasters

  92. well said and kept….i hate the idea of calln some pastor mom n dad that’s what i hate most…while someone is busy lavishing in wealth you there never even progressing you are just stuck,you walk to church,they drive big cars,you wear torn shoe they wear damn expensive ones……qwani the God that they prayed wont answer your own prayers?

  93. You sound like a child when you talk about things you don’t understand… if you don’t believe in men of God then you have no idea how God works… the Bible itself was written by imperfect men: murderers(Moses), adulterous(David), Paul who persecuted Christians and wrote like half of the new testament… gerrrarrarria woman!

  94. well done my dea….JCC is a den of criminals and thieves who squander monies from poor church goers.

  95. Njoki, As much as I don’t agree with most of your articles about blue subarus and men issues, you have for once outdone yourself and painted it as exactly is.
    Most of the so called pastors around here are out to enrich themselves and fund their lavish lifestyles by charming their way to your hard-earned money.
    From the mbegu ya 310 to the accident cover-up drunk pastor to the go live in upmarket sqs to attract wealthy men kind of shallow minded golddigger ‘mummy pastor’.
    Bottom line – con artists.

  96. You have said it well and in a very polite way, i f I speak my heart and mind about this church business stuff I’ll end up in jail….

  97. Your article caught my attention because much of what I been doing for the last ten years is to equip pastors and leaders on handling the word of God in the right way through proper hermeneutical interpretation. When i read your article it is just full of accusations and verbal attacks against Pastor Kiuna ( I don’t know whether he is a Bishop or Apostle) on a tone exuding personal vendetta or something close . I would not concur with you when you generalize that all charismatic pastors are alcoholics, womanizers, and con-men. Pastors who perform genuine miracles do not do them by their power but by God’s power. Peter told the cripple by the church gate, ” gold and silver we have not, but by the name of Jesus Christ arise and walk.” The cripple leapt up and walked. God uses men as vessels of honour to heal and perform miracles not by human or natural ability. My friend, the best way to liberate people is to teach them the truth but not going round identifying which pastor is a devil and which one is a saint. Those who are crooks we shall know them by their fruits. I wish to differ with you that members in charistic churches go to worship preachers. I attend a charismatic church; CITAM Thika Road, (you are invited) and I have never seen such. Those who worship their pastors do not know the scriptures!

  98. First of all not all your saying is wrong but not all your saying is correct. I just don’t agree with the language you are using, we are all Goes people and he loves us. You can’t address people as fools. And secondly you said we can go on our damn knees and pray to God that’s so true but also the same bible says Carey each other’s burden that means sometimes u need someone to pray with you, no man is an island, that’s y Jesus himself had the 12 disciples. I don’t agree with what some pastors do but not alil pastors are like that please don’t generalise. God himself loves fellowship and that’s why he called ach one of us for a different mission some he called as pastors, other’s evagelists, teachers and prophets. So if you don’t believe this just don’t use mean or offensive words. God loveee everyone and it’s not in your place to judge but your not perfect your self. The bible says all sins are the same so u may think pastors are worse but even when u have hate in your heart that’s a sin so work on your self and stop judging because that’s not your place to

  99. Njoki you are sick but you don’t know it. Period!

  100. oh yes njoki talk some sense to this fools who call their pastors mum and/or dad …huo ndo upuzi siwezi

  101. ROMAN catholic church is and still remains the most shrewd religious authority. What of DARK AGES the millions killed because they never bowed down to the pope. The euchenimsm and eroding of holy text. Their stand on homosexuality. Their greed for wealth and power. Saints, mary mother of Jesus and paul the apostle(a roman enforcer)

  102. be careful on what u say or write

  103. Its very unfortunate that there are rogue pastors and pple are being taken for a ride but also there are those who are sincerely dedicated to serve God.
    Tithes will always be a part of Christian practice n giving is a choice.problem is these who complain have never practiced the same.even our forefathers sacrificed animals and Abraham a son which is a crazy act of faith.
    Faith in God and obedience is what is required of us but all we want is to listen to everyone who is r of the world
    There are two kingdoms Godly and Satanic.there are practices for christians that cant be ignored so know your kingdom n stick to its rules.period

  104. Common sense Njoki.. It’s wot a HUGE %age of Kenyans lack…. Nowander all we (me excluded) do is keep yapping cheap politics n electing complete idiets into office.. Again.. Ohh n Yes.. Going to church ⛪ every sunday to. . Show off.. Find a wife /hubby.. Loose money n other unbelievable stuff pple do.. I wonder where we r headed as a people

  105. Njoki you have nailed it, One thing I have never understood is that, a bishop cannot preach without mentioning money, why will you stand up for example and raise up the envelope holding you tithe, so that you intimated those seated or what, why pay money to attend some biblical teachings such daughter of zion, kwani others are daughter’s of doom, so if they don’t have money no heaven lol, what is the background of mommy and daddy, one my parents qualify to be called so, nonsense, truth be told

  106. Common sense Njoki.. It’s wot a HUGE %age of Kenyans lack.. We live in a country of complete idiets.. Mayb the reason why too many are too poor while so few too rich

  107. if its so bad,give us the solution ?we will give until Jesus comes back.we give because the bible says so n in obedience to the word of God.note:the solution should be in line with da manual-bible.may God have mercy on u n all of us!

  108. This is pure truth, like it hate it, it’s just that. Am born again and very sad…. Why…. Just as this girl has written, we have supplement ed Jesus for human beings. The Bible says that he that trust in man is cursed. But he who puts his trust in God is like Mt Zion, he cannot be moved. We are in a new covenant where we pray to God in the Name of Jesus. Man can pray for you or join you in prayer. The Bible says pick up your cross and follow Jesus and not take your cross to your pastor and follow Jesus. Salvation is very personal and it’s only between you and God, the reason why the Bible indicates that Jesus is the Bridegroom while we are the bride. We blame us for creating this demand in the market of miracle pap, spouse pap, healing pap……. We should repent and stop practising foolishness, otherwise we shall perish. If we want to know God’s ways, let us read the Bible and talk to our God in Jesus Mighty Name. There are no shortcuts to heaven. We worship and put our trust in man, and we are not only cursed, but also idolatrous who created our own God’s (Romans 1)

  109. Think about it… Jesus healed a man and told him not to sin otherwise worse will happen to him. We are told God is a covenant keeping God and does not change, how is it that He now do all this good things we are paying for outside His covenant /word.

    If you read the many times the Bible says that do not trust in man, then you will understand how lost Kenyans and the world is lost. We are looking for superstars to worship and not God. Since God knew how weak the heart of man is, Jesus was not born by a rich family but by a poor family who could not get a room to sleep in at night. Jesus said that John the Baptist was the greatest prophet, yet the lowest. For you to serve God, you have to be a servant leader and not a superstar. But then the devil is at work, for if Jesus came back today we would be ashamed.

    May the Lord God of mercy wake us up from satanic slumber and open our eyes for we are blind and being led by the blind. By His great mercies and love in Jesus Mighty Name.

  110. If Njoki wants to put across her message, i would want to believe she would have been more clear. I agree to disagree wth her. But just coz for example i complain daily about racism n Hon. Merkel preaches inclusiveness in diversity…does not mean she is a liar and that am right coz i could be generalizing thm n saying that thy are all racists….just coz i may not like Kibaki does not mean that whtevr the cause is for me to disregard him , puts all kyuks in the same category….just coz few luos r throwing stones in the stadium does not mean that i bear the same characters. Most of all i have tried reading her article its full of rage n no point. All i got was lets go back to the same old tym religion whr it was safe,,, comfort zone..n no one told u openly to quit sin…i hear a frustrated girl who is looking for truth but doesn’t really know whr n how to find it. Im not supporting the kyunas or anything iv never been under their feet or ministry,so i dont know wht thy r doing i would want to believe that thy are doing the right thing…in ths life work ur own salvation…n i support whn she says we cant worship man n we got our own mouth to pray, very true she is on point. So in ths article its either not complete or i dont get her argument. I could challange her…i am a Winner a christian…n i know my church would not skip her list of evil churches. God speaks to me daily…i could even ask God to tell me something that she only knows n she will be shocked how i got the info. So wht in the world is she saying…she should be clear n speak wht she knows n is sure of n not just frustration! Presbyterians r also children of God. Advice for her…leave Satan alone…work ur own salvation wth fear n trembling…u cannot be anyone’s mouthpiece! Wrong platform i will for sure copy this to her ASAP! God has no prefect…n yes no one can curse u if God has not allowed it. Pursue good wth all men i learnt…hope that is in the presby bible!

  111. First of all I’m not stupid. You can’t call us stupid. Number 2; The fact that robbers have invaded the pulpit doesn’t mean that God has changed. Biblical principles can’t change because of a few people. I can’t defend God and neither can any of us. The fact still remains that God is on the throne and He has called people to represent Him on earth. These people ought to be respected. One incidence can not be used to spoil the names of hardworking pastors who pray day and night preaching the true gospel of Christ. I don’t support you one damn bit and I’m proud to be a Pentecostal….

  112. Thank you,,,,n its not to put Njoki down but to say loudly that the devil is a liar. She could be having a point but why do we become satans mouthpiece and allow him to defame others like that and to put us in sin? They could be rogues but how about that murderer who believed and quit killing just by listening to Gods word out of that hypocrite’s( as so she puts it) mouth? Its like for example if ur dad is a politician who doesnt steal taxes but others do, then you tell him to quit politics coz its a corrupt place. What many of us dont get is that all this sins we keep wasting tym incriminating others for Jesus already put them on the cross and said it is finished. and he said the only sin he will put on us is if we reject or deny him. However satan has blinded men. We are fighting over things that Christ said are complete..FINISHED!..n that’s religion…and that is why all her airtime only gave one advice ,,,lets go back to the old time religion. Why do we think God gave man ability to forgive sin,,,kwani who are we?,,,coz he said it is finished. Three times Jesus repeated this line in scripture: Luke 5 vs 24, Mathew 9 vs 6, Mark 2 vs 10 24 But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power upon earth to forgive sins, (son of man here was Jesus and then you and me and everyone in the world) Please lets read our bibles asking God for understanding too. God even stamped it and said in Mark 2 vs 9 9 Whether is it easier to say to the sick of the palsy, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and take up thy bed, and walk?

    10 But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins, (he saith to the sick of the palsy,) Forgiveness is key! Then coz of our love the disease, the lies, the pretense, will get or rather find healing. Glory to Jesus! Njoki should seek the holy spirit together with all negative commentrs here and ask God to forgive the kyunas who they are accusing coz that then would equal victory. That would equal power, that would equal forgiveness, that equals joy and peace and not depression coz while you wail n get frustrated still at it, Kyuna keeps drinking her beer in Runda and services n money is still collected on Sunday as u allege and you keep hating pple and God. Then ultimately fall out from church coz u dont know what to believe anymore. Praying and forgiving pple and asking God to intervene as the only righteous judge would also equal refusing to partner with Satan the accuser of all brethren,,,this equals love,,,see all we forfeit wasting time on social media pulling others down. I learnt this rehma from God. Leave satan alone and know God. Who is God,,,God is Love and that only,,,,and this is the love mystery of the first and second commandment. It is not easy, i learn daily that if i have anything to say, i should take it to God in prayer,,,but i keep finding myself like Njoki playing prefect of the world. Yes sin is sin,,,n expose it. mention the sin but do not mention anyone. You will be justifying urself n incriminating others n dont wish for God to judge u. Coz u will only make it come upon you by judging others and then u will call it a curse or whatever,,,,,I learnt this the other day bitching about Trump! and i still do it coz he is just a pin,,,but its wrong its sinful,,,i stopped m working at it. Na hapa ndio tutapatikana wakristo,,,,I learnt that the time we waste bitching about government and others would be useful enaf using it to converse with God. But who wants to chat with the holy spirit?ah!…..Ponder! THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!

  113. Jesus asked,,1 Corinthians vs 3 For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men?

    4 For while one saith, I am of Paul; and another, I am of Apollos; are ye not carnal?

    5 Who then is Paul, and who is Apollos, but ministers by whom ye believed, even as the Lord gave to every man?

    6 I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.

    7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.

    8 Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour.
    Like · Reply · 13 mins · Edited

    Brenda Ihler 1 corinthians 11 vs 18 For first of all, when ye come together in the church, I hear that there be divisions among you; and I partly believe it.
    Like · Reply · 10 mins

    Brenda Ihler James chapters 8 But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

    9 Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God.

    10 Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.

    11 Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?

    12 Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive berries? either a vine, figs? so can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh.

    13 Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom.

    14 But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.

    15 This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish.

    16 For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

    17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

    18 And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.
    Like · Reply · 7 mins

    Brenda Ihler Philipians 1 vses 9 And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment;

    10 That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ;

    11 Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.

    12 But I would ye should understand, brethren, that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel;

    13 So that my bonds in Christ are manifest in all the palace, and in all other places;

    14 And many of the brethren in the Lord, waxing confident by my bonds, are much more bold to speak the word without fear.

    15 Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will:

    16 The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my bonds:

    17 But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel.

    18 What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.

    19 For I know that this shall turn to my salvation through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ,

    20 According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death.

    21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
    Like · Reply · 4 mins

    Brenda Ihler LEAVE SATAN ALONE READ YOUR BIBLE AND ALWAYS ASK THE HOLYSPIRIT TO DIRECT BEFORE ANYTHING,,, the bitter truth this i learnt the hard way! Mbarikiwe
    Like · Reply · 2 mins

  114. sharon debra says:

    if you start judging the kiunas,you should hear the secrets every other churches keep for the word of God to stand,they are only humans and the spirit of God id upon them,we should pray for them not criticize,judge and call them names,lemmi correct you ,adam njoki..it is written God loves a cheerful giver,i dont know the Kiuna’s but you should respect the annointed of God..everyone falls short of his glory..but prayers and God’s grace keeps us closer to him.you know the truth yes,what a noble person does go on your knees and ask God to lead the way of salvation.NO CHURCH IS PERFECT..but through the prayers of the Congregation most of the churches will make it!!

  115. Touch not my annointed
    He who has no sin let him through the first stone

  116. i think you have gone too easy on them……..ashame them to the maximum……….some even use black magic to woo worshippers…….believe it or not some of these churches compete for worshippers………..not forgetting child trafficking….for example the deya case…. very good read……

  117. I agree with you 100%

  118. There is nothing wrong with this article. I think part of the problem with our Christianity is probably the overinculturation that uses the threats and the absolute authority of the traditional religious leaders. Reading through my Bible I find a religion that was constantly being monitored and in consistent revival and reforms. It looks like we have throwing the spirit of revival and reforms to the dogs. A church or religion left unchecked becomes idolatrous, automatic, and authoritative. Historically many people have been killed in the name of religion than in civilian or secular war if you want to call it so. The worst forms of suffering have been in cases where the state/government work hand in hand.

    It is high time we get more of Elijah…Elisha. …..Paul…..Job….and many more pillars of Faith whose stories colour and give shape and form to the Bible or Qur’an and any source of the word for whichever religion.

    Wealth and good health are not the exclusive outcomes of Faith. Paul wrote blessed is the one whose sins are forgiven. Can we get this sermon back to our church. The gospel of redemption rather than the prosperity gospel we have been intoxicated with? I long for the old time religion.

    The truth is that the evangelical churches may be that vocal and notorious in this regard. But the truth is that all our churches need revivals and reforms. The churches are like the local banks…the traditional banks focus on the wealthy and the respected while the new banks invests in the poor masses. If you were to analyse all the sermons of Kariobangi Catholic Church and compare with those of Consolata Shrines in Weatlands you wil obviously notice the differences in storyline. I must however point out that the traditional churches will more likely stick to a certain format that would be experienced nearly everywhere. The evangelical churches have in the recent past proved they are heavily outfits of wealth creation and fetish worship rather than centres for redemption and restoration of the sinfull humankind.

    Give me the old time religion. ….that connects me to my creator rather than an admixture of tradition, heroworship…and bites of true religion…

  119. Njoki,

    I pity you. Who apointed you the redeemer that you can stand and judge others? Do you know God can deal with you to the point that he forces you to go to Pastor Kathy and repent? Are you ready to go all the way with God? Should he consult you when he decides to choose who a nation shall be saved through? Were you there when he laid heaven and earth that you should know the criteria he uses to choose someone? Do you remember the criteria he used to choose David? Joseph? Gideon?

    Please read your bible if you want to go to heaven. Did you choose your teachers in school? Did you choose your parents? I have news for you. Even pastors are choosen by God. Read Jeremiah 3:15King James Version (KJV)

    15 And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

    Now why do you have a problem if Kenyans are cheated by pastors? Why should anyone be cheated? Jesus left us the Bible to read. Let people read and choose where to worship. Meanwhile, I am sure Bishop Kyuna and Pastor Kathy shall not be moved by your comments. It comes with the job. They are well prepared for such. Meanwhile people will continue being saved and healed through their hands because all that is required is the faith of the recipient. Your article and rude comments will not stop the gospel. They will continue with the good work.

    Meanwhile, as you rant yourself to curses, we continue to learn the word of God and it shall continue to cleanse us and build us. We go to learn the word from them, not get riches and well. But riches are a very welcome byproduct of salvation.

    If Njoki, your social status was different, if your address was Runda, do you know you would make better use of your time? Do you know that God given talent of writing would bring you money through publishing books and material that would better the world?

    Because you are such a good person, how has your writing edified anyone, or anything? I am watching keenly to see how far you shall go.

    The bible says Genesis 29:31King James Version (KJV)

    31 And when the Lord saw that Leah was hated, he opened her womb: but Rachel was barren.

    So Bishop and Pastor Kyuna expect more. Njoki has just set the pace for you.

  120. Njoki, you have just hit the nail on the head, the current / modern churches are just but small places of conmen and conwomen. They have many churches to be investment opportunities.

  121. Alfred Bidii says:

    You are a very powerful chosen servant of God only that you have not taken the bold step to preach…anyway that is very right

  122. And Njoki,

    The way politicians keep cheating you is not how we are cheated by pastors. We have read the bible, understood and we are on a journey. God will use anyone, anyone he chooses. Mad men, children, the underdog, the lowly, the educated, anyone.

    Detest from Men who are teaching the word. If you dont believe, dont be used of the devil to cheat others. Meanwhile, in case you really need to know the truth, read the bible.

    Otherwise we are very happy to be ‘cheated’ to the right way of life. Bishop keep the good work.

    Proverbs 18:21King James Version (KJV)

    21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

    You have chosen your fruit.

  123. the black man from across the street says:

    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats me cursing to njoki’s piece as she suggested…

    she asked to curse- not to comment and share wanted opinions…i just cursed like she suggested.

    and now- i take my leave-

  124. stealing in the name of the lord. the Reverend drives a fancy car, buys everything tax free, the people have to sacrifice.
    God kill them all

  125. Njoki, if you are so concerned for the lost sheep, you would not address them as Nitwits and fools. You speak passionately about matters of faith, yet you do not display the fruits of that faith. Love, Patience, kindness. The way you address the situation sells you out.

  126. Wll said dear.Tell them the truth and the once that don’t like don’t read it.people need to wake up.

  127. What njoki has written aint wrong since i havent seen anyone name in the article and for readers to comment that she is attacking Jcc is wrong.she criticized the Rot in the church and how rogue individuals are using the church as avenue for accumulating wealth in the name of giving to the Lord.thiumbs up njoki keep it up..As for Jeri K i dont knw why you presumed that njoki was targeting JCC in her article…

  128. i looooove Njoki chegeee…..

  129. This message is true..if u need full evidence..i have one if not a hundred..ave gone mummying and daddying the modern telebishops and televangelists..lemmi tellu..its a story over another

  130. There is a lot of drama going on in Church today. Infact the world has become so churchy and the church has become so worldly that you cannot tell which is which. The church seems to be the quickest and safest means of fleecing money from desperate congregation seeking for solutions. World over people are desperate for something and some church “owners” are pretty aware of this, and taking advantage of the situation. Where in the bible did Jesus say that you sow a seed for you to be blessed or healed? He only called for purity of our heart and righteousness. If we be obedient to God’s word we will eat the good of the land. This is one of writings that some pastors use to fleece the desperate congregation. Yes we are not suppose to judge, but we are not also suppose to preach water but drink wine. If I were Jesus I would come back NOW before every one is lost, otherwise he may just end up with the 144,000 saints only (my interpretation of the book of Revelation). By the way being annoited and swimming in sin is worse than being a drunkard who doesnt even know the door to a church.

  131. Clearly njoki has achieved her aim of getting people to read her article but if you ask me their isn’t any substance in her article save for mud slinging and pointing fingers anyone can criticize perfectly.

  132. I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH the Daughter of Chege…I would have said it no better than you have stated it…You can never walk all the streets of the City preaching the gospel but the beauty of the social Media and Internet is that you can pen it down for all to see…
    Let those that have hears hear and let those that have Eyes see…..
    The true blessing is not in material wealth but in the simple biblical truths and teaching..I love you sister..I love God…I love these Ignorant fools who don’t know the truth but Love to hear Sweetened LIES…One day they shall remember you for this that I assure you.

    I see the Anti -Christ are after you NJOKI They are calling you Names just because you told them the bitter truth that they don’t want to Swallow…They wallow in poverty and they like it..I Don’t claim to Know God more than them the( INTELLIGENT IDIOTS) who would tear you apart … But rem even Our savior Jesus was killed because , he could see how evil Human beings had become and told them ” PHARISEES” . the word used to represent the Liars .Idolatrous, how evil they were….Human beings are so evil their Hearts is full of wickedness…REM my Sister there is no way two can walk together if they agree not…The sheepherder and the Flock ni MAFISI TU…

  134. Ibrahim Mwangi says:

    As much as I agree with most of your observations and sentiments here, and as much as I feel where your anger about these rogue ministers is coming from, you are partial. It seems you are looking from Presbyterian or established or main stream church angle. If you would be totally open minded and critic from that angle, you would make more sense in your article, but for now it’s just a personal opinion. Most of the horrible acts of hypocrisy, deceiving, cheating, unjust, adultery, deprivation, and the list is long happen in those established denominations you have avoided mentioning. If you belong to any church organization like me, you have been lied to multiple times!! Next time, say it as it is without inputting much anger. Thanks though for the courage!

  135. Don’t be quick to judge, especially if you haven’t lived among them. If you feel that their ways are not right, as a true Christian you should go down on your knees and pray that they change their ways. You should be urging people to make the church all about God and not themselves. I’m not sure what good will come out of your article, the church is already too divided, we definately do not need this!

  136. Its very sad when one chooses to become a vessels to stop the spread of gospel,i speak because i know this couple and their walk with God,they started law and they still have the grace,God is using them,don’t be deceived listen to them and judge for yourself!

  137. I saw it coming, the lies, deception and ultimate manipulation is mind boggling.the cowards will remain silent, the ignorant wont care, the deceived will cry brasphemer but the bereans and the God fearing will stand with njoki and rise to be counted.the movement is gaining momentum, lets join and drown to our emanicipation.

  138. This is avery lazy blogger indeed. Not even a single fact.

  139. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It’s ok to speak what’s on our minds, but truth be told, who are we to judge anyone. The way to heaven is narrow and only God can judge. People will believe what works for them, weather good or bad. So it’s better to keep peace and let’s all mind our own business, or put all this energy in this article a way in which we can combat hunger in our country.

  140. *whether

  141. Njoki, those are sentiments of a bitter woman, you are zero rated. If this is what you’re using to get you to the limelight, umenoa, we all have a right choose where we want to worship. My church my choice.

  142. you used your punani to think!

  143. Chelangat says:

    I agree with Njoki, She is telling the truth. Guys lets go back to the Old time religion Welcome to Our Church AGC -Karen Where i moved to from a church similar to the Kyunas.

  144. Mkenya America says:

    This is not the only couple. There is a female pastor in Dallas texas who does almost the same. The features in a ffamous kikuyu internet radio in the USA every Tuesday morning at 10am and prays for people who have problems with money and immigration issues..When you call her, BINGO!! she gets your pocket..This one is a world class conwoman, searching on she has never been in any theological school anywhere in the world..

  145. Mboroki, S.K says:

    MessageNjoki, we needed the telling. Robbery without. violence but robbery all the same. God bless you.

  146. Siberia Bakari says:

    Njoki Chege : Presbyterian church which has it’s roots in scotland is an instrument by which the british colonialist used to access our country and establish their dictatorial authority. It defeats logic why in this day and age a descendant of the people who bore the brunt of this devilish regime still identify themselves and follow the oppresor version of worshipping

  147. my dear njoki I totally concur and support u coz I av gone to this so called JCC an trust me the congregation has totally been brain washed I attended a few summons coz of pressure from a friend who had been equally brainwashed an to be honest those pastors have completely lost touch with reality..they preach about richness,buying a birthday present for the pastor’s wife,living in runda or getting a husband but they tend to forget the real issues which u an I see an worry about each day..I urge people to stop being fooled..they will blinden y by showin u that they av moved to a bigger church but trust me as u worry abt rent,food and clothing for ur children every month..they worry abt that 10% tithe that members will contribute so they can go for an expensive vacation in the middle of nowhere.

    I av decided not to b fooled anymo ,I will do right an avoid evil but mostly take care of my family that God has given me an I pray these pastors will receive their judgment coz we all can see that they are misleadin ,conning and e xploiting the innocent.

  148. They are also here in Tz; but in all humility, i daresay, Kenyans lead, others follow.

  149. Dokar kulva says:

    Yes lets see how far she will go… Even if its not today her generation will be cursed.

  150. Dokar kulva says:

    Hehehe hell Noooo…. Njoki you have a point but not right well put… Are you God to know kiuna and the wife inside out. Yes we have false prophets as said in the bible… Do u think Kiuna n the wife are of the type… Are you God to know…. I might believe this are devilish acts against the pastor who are being send to derail the man of God and his work.. How much do u want us to believe you.. Cant we not be suspicious of the devil that is against the word of God to misdirect Christian.. Better half than none.. Pastor Kiuna is not God to be worshiped n wife but i believe they are just a bridge for us Christians to reach God. They are in between. Why cant you talk abt the evil acts happening in some churches like homosexuality n reverends taking liqour with other Christian. But they come back n say. Dont do what i do but hear n take heed of what i preach. Seriously……… Noooooooo. N Big Noooo… I dont believe you… Why point only Kiuna n his ministry.. If u wr genuine u would have told us what happens in all churches n researched well with tangible info.. With this i think its just devil driven to fight man of God which is allowed but let’s see how far it goes.. I wish i was pastor kiuna.. The bible never lies. N any one who goes against it….. Is no more.. Even if its not today……

  151. Dr. Ben Carson (Retired world renowned neurosurgeon, and Republican Presidential Aspirant) wrote this beautiful piece.

    Read and be blessed.

    Sometimes you are unsatisfied with your life, while many people in this world are dreaming of living your life.
    A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of flying. But, a pilot on the plane sees the farmhouse and dreams of returning home. That’s life!! Enjoy yours.
    If wealth is the secret to happiness, then the rich should be dancing on the streets. But only poor kids do that.
    If power ensures security, then officials should walk unguarded. But those who live simply, sleep soundly.
    If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships, then celebrities should have the best marriages. But those who live simply, walk humbly and love genuinely!
    All good will come back to you!!!
    Man asks, “Where was God when Myles Munroe, wife and his associates were killed in a crash? He answers, “The same place I
    sat when John the Baptist my servant was beheaded. When Stephen my servant was stoned to death. When Paul my servant was murdered in Rome. The same place I sat when my only Son was brutally crucified, wounded, bruised and killed. I
    have not moved from my position.”
    I am the same. It is not the means of exit from earth that matters but the
    destination. Live simply. It’s all about God!!

  152. This article is very sensible.Very accurate,quite spot on,I love it.

  153. I think Njoki Chege is a very mean Kenyan. No one forces faithfuls to give. We do it out of our own hearts something that even the first church at Antioch used to practise immensely (read Acts 4:34-37). You keep inviting curses on yourself casually as if it were just a flu that will pass in a short time. Even that sin that God forgave David after he’d commited adultery haunted his family to the third generation. (Read 2nd Samuel 13-16).
    Wisdom comes from fearing God but you blasphem against STEWARDS of the Most High hence do not respect God’s annointed. In view of all these all that remains is folly. May God’s vengeance be spared on you.

  154. Magana Nderitu says:

    If you are a proud and proper Presbyterian then you are in a worse place.

  155. This article is th best surmon a’v read.Now that i learnt my hard lesson…God is my only source of HELP.keep preaching Njoki Chege.

  156. This is owesome NJOKI CHEGE. Religion should follow principles and ethics that Opus Dei embrace so well. A modest life is all pastors need to spread the word of God…not what these rogue pastors are doing these days. Some knock down pedestrians with Range Rovers and cannot remember registration number of the vehicle.. funny

  157. Don’t think of them as con-men,-women; rather they are great business people who identified an opportunity and are reaping big.

    They sell a service and people are willing to pay for it (REALLY WELL!), they really deserve the holiday in South Africa, houses in Runda and the breaks at the golf clubs. They are business men/women making a killing out of a need – that’s just it!

  158. njoki very true we have the power to pray for ourselves n ask for blessing.i suggest u should read the bible properly n understand it properly..wen it come to offering..you didnt teach yourself that english u speak n write so are they with the bible.point fingers wen your hands are clean wat they do with their lives aint ur part of business…residing in runda is their choice driving a range rover its coz they can afford it u want him to drive a???we are diffrent n we are the choices we make. we claim to love God yet we sin against him daily.i dont see any thing wrong with it..if their services are better off y not be bought.

  159. Messagejudge not that you may not be judged. Mattew7:1

  160. Mose ule mjanja says:

    Thumbs up girl you said it for us

  161. This is all about contribution to the church. I agree with her to some point but i disagree with the choice of words.

    The word of God in Malachi 3:10 “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

    We just need to be wise enough where to take our tithe, but that does not mean Men of God should live a degraded life. What I know is I wouldn’t take my tithe or contribution to a church where a pastor is not Humble or a Pastor shows off what he got! I am not mentioning names here. It should be clear how the contribution is used to the last coin.

    All in all Give Back God what is God’s. If you haven’t I personally believe you have stolen from God too so don’t be quick to judge as we all have fallen short of the glory of the Lord

    You speak a lot from a real life point of view which we all know. I would love one day if you speak or write from both real life and spiritual point of view. Be Humble, Be Wise, Read the Bible everyday, Pray everyday. I think if u do so you will see what is wrong with the article Njoki.

  162. Can I please marry you Njoki? Nobody has ever shared my sentiments so spot on like you done did here. 100% true stuff. I’m in love e with you right now.

  163. Really, who is the pharisee in this picture “THE ACCUSER OR THE ACCUSED”

  164. wendycindy says:

    people should always separate religion and God and understand the role of the church to avoid being manupilated. most people especially educated attend this churches for the status they hold and make contributions to create a good image for themselves. I therefore think the church has failed in its duties and some should be done away with.

  165. that is very true but what baffles me,how come these followers never use their brains to see what these people are doing to them.true to that God is only a prayer away combined with faith and hardwork..But what I believe is natures condemnation awaits these pastors with a bang they may not like.God bless you for trying to educate some innocent followers

  166. Mwenyeuwezo says:

    You just penned it down……but they are too brainwashed to even accept reality

  167. Dunry Kiach says:

    Well said …..it is well

  168. I do not know your motives and perhaps the hatred in your heart towards them but i TOTALLY agree with you. Infact those who believe in them are fools. But why do you think they do believe in these very openly counterfeit commandas? The answer is in the book of 2Thesalonians 2:9-12. before anybody agrees or refuses to agree with your point, let them read that verse coz it tells us why God allowed the counterfeit Prophets and the why they corn us and mislead us this much.

  169. the right and sober things have been said by a bold Njoki, it the purest the truth will ever get. Big up Njoki.

  170. the guilty flee when none is chasing them, pyramid schemes. Njoki, u r a man in mini skirts:-)

  171. I partially support Njoki, in that we have a lot of fake Pastors around, running businesses. I believe it’s wring for people of the cloth to amass crazy wealth for themselves yet there are so many of their flock languishing in poverty.
    I also believe they should have a comfortable life so that they should focus on God’s work. however, these excessive & lavish lifestyles is very wrong. The flock give, and they should also give to the poor, blessings are to those who give.
    I disagree with Njoki on the attacking personalities then abusing the flock for being blinded. Matters faith is a very tricky thing to ask someone to not believe.
    Finally, let’s all not crucify her! Remember when Saul was persecuting Jesus yet he became the leader of the Church? it’s best to pray for both Njoki and the Kyunas!

  172. Ok as usual Kenyans will tear at you because they love you…I know Njoki has a crush for that pastor but ukweli tuseme..we all admire such a business a CHURCH ..no tax no nothing …just flow of cash..wah…But in the name of the lord…Let Him Judge His people….

  173. I agree with you on the issue of distorted doctrine. It’s more than vital for women and men of God to undergo vigorous training on the word and ministry work before handing the flock.And ofcos it’s a good theme appreciating the problem the church is facing today.

    Your bitterness is also valid being the human you are. Apostle Paul was equally pist off in some of his letters…in fact he called some Galatians foolish and asked who has bewitched them to accept such wrong doctrine.

    However my problem rest on your lack of understanding of where the Kiunas came from and there strengths..Either you got no clue or decided just ignore. Tell us about their sacrifices to. By the way I am a staunch believer and I come from a mainstream church to.But we have our problems to. Huge ones.. Believe me you I have listened to the Bishops sermons and even bought some of their books and videos.Totaly beautiful messages and not just on prosperity. Yet I don’t tithe nor give to JCC. I tithe to my church.

    your language also lacks any sense of Christian value who so vehemently profess . That’s where you loose it Girl.. Your use of obscene and vulgar language makes your agenda suspect.So how much is Airtel paying you to advertise on your page!? Just saying.

    With love my prayer for you is for blessings and not curses .May you be so Blessed so much that you won’t find time to pen down such things to earn a living.

  174. this is the second time I agree with chege. what she has spurted out is very true.

  175. mmmmmmmh am following

  176. Johnny Pride says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with what our dear sister has written..If anything,we should give her some hats off for calling it as it is koz she is the only one who seems brave enough to hit the nail on the head.Even Jesus Himself turned tables upside down when He found that the church was being misused.People should be told what they NEED to know not what they WANT to hear…

  177. You can say that again and louder, madam Chege..again I agree with you. Places of worship turned to den of thieves.

  178. well said…..ulld rather pray for my self at hum….than someone to put cursed hands over me trying to curse the devils on my head…the more they are removing the devils the mo devil are getting in ua head….leaving u confused forever en they remain lucky coz they keep confusing you everyday..using u mo like a toilet paper…the bible says that give to God what u have/what u can afford and if u dont have pray And God wil give u..a pastor should not tell u actually a commad of what to give……aty u don worship d god of coins shame on them…Njoki that a well said messange

  179. Njoki you are right,these ndombolo churches are owned by preachers who live in opulence whilst the followers wallow in poverty.

  180. Nyambura Ngugi says:

    Thanks Njoki for indeed you’re brave enough to tell it like it is.The end times are here and as the Bible says “my people perish for of lack of knowledge” God is the only supreme being to be worshiped no other god can take His place!!!Amazed by some of those members who call them “mum and dad “and yet their biological parents who carried them for 9 freaking months and struggled to raise and educate them is no longer useful in their lives.They give their so called”dad and mum” priority and give a deaf year to their real parents.Owe unto you for you will answer to God!!

  181. Timothy Gicharu says:

    This article is an indicator of the fire that is real in our society today. Where there is smoke, there is fire. It cannot be ignored!

    Every genuine has a counterfeit.
    (Matthew 7:16; You will recognize them l by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?)
    Therefore, there are genuine pastors in the modern world.

    Genuine pastors are called of God. Sacrificial love (John 15:13) and servant leadership (John 10:11-18) , like that of Jesus Christ, are some of the marks of a genuine pastor.
    Lets be the genuine Christian first, so that we witness to the world what it takes to be one, and hence who is not. For those who are; keep up the fight! For those who are not, Jesus saves! He saves even a rogue ‘pastor’.

  182. I really appreciate your article.
    Am a Catholic and I experienced the wrath of these so called pastors.. When I was in campus… Is hurting seeing people giving all they got just to please the so called goddess..

  183. Well said!!!

  184. Anonymous says:

    This is the pure truth…the Kiuna’s are not any different from Kanyari and comapny and I have no clue why the ever-naive, gullible kenyans never learn. Return all ye to the mainstream churches and seek God. He is waiting for you there and more so with so much Wisdom. We perish because of lack of wisdome, the good book says. Wake up silly sleepers and smell the coffee..

    Enjoy the food for thought.

  185. And I say Amen!!!

  186. Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men:
    Isaiah 29:13 KJV

  187. You av redeemed ua image since the day of blue subaru from Roysambu. I agree wid u on this…

  188. I don’t give attention to such. I’m neither going to be ashamed of the Gospel.
    It’s good to know there are people thinking like this.
    Everyone needs spiritual satisfaction and that the meeting point of others doesn’t please you, give it a cold shoulder coz elsewhere there’s someone who doesn’t want to hear the mention of your congregation’s name.

  189. But why are the Kiunas coming in on this coz that’s headline.

  190. The truth really hurts but it should be told.

  191. You never disappoint Njoki I love your articles. You hit the nail on the head like it should be done.

    • God has been there and will be there forever and ever more. Let us have background checks for each and every called modern ‘pastors’ as their lifestyle do not conform to Bible teaching of simplicity

  192. I normally don’t agree with you njoki but on this one I won’t curse u. u said it all loud.. its very true.

  193. this are the last days people,just like the Apostle Paul foretold in 2 Timothy 3:3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

    6 They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. 8 Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these teachers oppose the truth. They are men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected. 9 But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone.Njoki is just saying as it is…

  194. The only problem your text is hollow…..you didn’t point out any wrong the Kiunas have done. Your general imagination about them ( that could apply to any Ministers of gospel ) without pinpointing Biblical errors leaves you bare as a quack yourself and not worthy to critique Gospel related stuff. Like many though , you are deceiving yourself behind these rhetoric to think you have tared into them only to the blind but those who understand scriptures you lacked substance . am not saying they have no wrongs and sometimes glaring but your expose cant be relied upon for lack of evidence of the wrongs , but off- cause you’ll get many admirers to make you feel good.

  195. lawrence says:

    thank you njoki for that article, it cant be nothing but the whole truth, kudos and continue

  196. You know pple will always try to live in a fantasy world, wishing that they were so and so, just to escape reality. It’s a good thing that Njoki has put in black and white..PRAY FOR YOURSELVES!! DOESN’T COST!

  197. For once, I agree with you girl. 100%..

  198. kumbe Njoki you can be sensible..? Now I know. Truth and nothing but the truth

  199. The only way to avoid criticism, is to do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.
    To Pastors Kiuna.
    Hebrews 6:10 For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.
    Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.
    Hebrews 12:3 For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your mind

  200. herbert modi says:

    they are tweeting retweeting while in church…blind people follow

  201. very true…i love the last part

  202. people!!! why argue, critique,curse and judge???

    there is no big sin and small sin!

    none of you is holy in your comments!

    you have done God’s work by yourselves,

    posting pastors photos is by-self all wrong!

    none of you sound like you do revise your bibles,

    isnt the Bible that says “do not judge?
    isnt the Bible that says we should have self control, Njoki? You sound so bitter and anger is all over you but what have you done instead?

    have you taken any initiative or courage to face those so called pastors?
    Never criticize if you do not have a solution.

    God gave us freedom to choose but warned us that we cant serve two masters…Biblically there are only two masters that is God and Lucifer whom we refer to as Satan…

    Another thing, the Bible says that not everyone believes or simply calls the name of God will enter into the kingdom of God.

    God also said that even you dont sing and worship him…STONES will…so He knew very well that time was and is coming when human beings will be easily manipulated and diverted by Lucifer from worshiping him.

    When Lucifer was facing God’s anger, he was cast on earth which God himself cursed later on because of Adam’s single and very small sin.

    So since he is the King of a cursed world, he is simply using earthly materials to satisfy human greed and desperation but remember he is also wise! just like the way you sacrifice for God, he also require sacrifices…

    Remember God said, ask and it shall be given unto you…then we are told that God’s answers is Yes No or Wait… and so because we dont want to wait…we prefer Lucifer who is favoring us as soon as possible…and mind you he is also using the name of God to have you all by himself, just like the way you can use the name of your mother, dad or your boss to lie to your client…

    The Bible also state that there will be true and force prophets…every human being was born to play a role on this earth as an example to fulfill Bible prophesies…Kanyari and the rest were born to fulfill the “force prophecy” Njoki was your role to see and criticize?…my colleagues, was your roles to curse, and judge…what is the deference between the thief and a lair? isnt it all the same? SIN.

    My role on earth is to be a good example to the world…and I usually follow very simple rules as described in the Bible, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

    Just like Jesus I will just ask you to be the first one to throw a stone if you have never sinned…

    If you know you are a sinner…then stop making it worse by cursing, judging and hating>>>that’s God’s work. He never asked you to help Him rather He asked you to love, fast and love your enemies.

    Help God to redeem his people from Lucifer and stop standing at the corner boasting how holy you are>>>

  203. Who am i to judge am not God and so i leave it there..

  204. Njoki you have made my day, I also wonder why people are easily blinded, by these Pastors etc, there is only one God, I am so sure if you pray directly to God you shall get the fulfilment. WASHINDWEEEE!

  205. Preach on sister. Am pentecost & am trully appaled at this blind, frevolous, tupastor Psychophancy. I usually wonder what our Father in Heaven makes of this!!!!

  206. i cant agree with you more………. thats what we call an ‘HAWK EYE’ not every one has it…….. i’ve always been waiting for someone to bring this up and yes someone has done it with the right words, right tone at the right time……… let kenyans not say it was never said,,,,,,,, thanks to you Njoki.

  207. Njoki, some Kenyans are so frustrated in their lives, and any niggah with a ‘good tongue’ will make fortune out of them. They think a person who studied psychology and used the knowledge to con others will offer an answer to their so big ‘stories to tell’…

  208. Victor Chege says:

    I was reading Njoki’s article waiting to get to the point where she discovered something, i didn’t see any, i don’t disagree with her, I am believe in God and miracles and his powers but I don’t believe in all these self proclaimed bishops and prophets, the bible says that Jesus died for sinners, we have all fallen short of his glory, I got tired of all fake “men n women of God” I believe in praying to God directly, I believe he does hear me, instead of taking our money to these cons, i help the poor.
    we have been given power and dominion not just them, all of us who believe.

    No one will lay hands on me for I have the faith to connect with God.

    one time i was in Nairobi and was looking for a church where i could worship that morning, as i was walking around i heard great worship and i felt like the holy spirit had camped there, i got in and immediately started flowing with the music, shortly “the man of God ” went to the pulpit and he started screaming like a goat! he started by telling the church his 5 years plan, A huge mansion with swiming pool, a personal jet…….. at that moment my skin was puling me to jump out before hearing more crap! the congregation looked poor, sorry to judge but sometimes misery can be seen, the stupid part is where the congregation was screaming AMENS! i asked myself questions,
    apart from preaching what else does this con do?
    does he know how much a jet costs?
    where will get the money?
    Does he really care for a single soul in his congregation?
    i got out and walked down the street to a nice hotel and i had a good warm breakfast with money that i would have offered.
    since then i rarely go to church, i do worship all the time, i do pray to God and hes taken me far beyond. if you wanna know more or you got question feel free to write to me.
    We only need God to change our lives, and if he blesses you remember the poor.


  209. Dinah Kinyae says:

    I love this Njoki lass… Girl we have so much in common. A spade must always b cald as such n not a big spoon. Wakuimwa wameze wembe.

  210. The truth shall set you free or pull you deeper into captivity. I like the post.

  211. njoki u have nailed it….100% supportive and fr those people who dint get the point like okuku and kemunto there on top…njoki has said they cannot make the blind see but they can blind u ….nyinyi already u r blinded

  212. Edwin K. says:

    What is the problem if the church can afford TV airtime? Which media station offers free airtime…even the one that you work for? Pls respect others even with their presumed stupidity. The world is a market place.Sell your wares intelligently knowing that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Pls pass your message without attacking personalities, it doesn’t augur well.

  213. I repeat, The son of man preached humility, honesty, respect, act of charity, service to human and above all worshiping God and having faith in him as said by someone in this thread, anything else is a sideshow and using the church as a pure money minting machine.. YOU KNOW WHAT NJOKI CHEGE , THAT WAS ON POINT.

  214. Well put and for the first time I concur with you NJOKI

  215. Anonymous says:

    No writer worth their salt hides behind sensationalism. NMG you have failed us, this writer should be writing for zile tabloid papers za ten bob

  216. Wow, subtle and effective… This is gospel desperately needed in this day and age…

  217. Edwin K. says:

    After all is said and done, what is your reward? Self gratification perhaps? a few praises here and there for “boldness”? Then what? Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling knowing that the measure you use on others shall be equally used on you. The scales are in your own hands….

  218. I get the point… but does it get to be personal as if ur mother/sister/brother bought them everything….. uuuhm….oh I forgot. u r making a living out of this too. difference between u n them is???

  219. I am ashamed that Njoki is also Presbyterian as I am. We don’t preach hatred and spite in PCEA and we tithe and do fundraisers for our reverends and for our churches and the church owns serious investments including beach hotels because we obey Malachi chapter 6.

    I am gullible to the word. The rest is nonsense.

    A condom would have rid us all this spite.

  220. I just think they focus too much on preaching prosperity and deviate from what Christianity is all about. And because people like hearing that they will prosper, they continue to believe in them. I wont throw stones at her simply because she’s entitled to her own opinion. And mine is, pastors of this day and age should go back to their Bibles and when they do, they will realize that before prosperity, one has to be obedient to each and every word of the Lord and not want to go through shortcuts. You will realize that with obeying God, prosperity is just a bonus

  221. James T.M
    ABOUT FALSE PREACHERS (GOD IS AWARE, IS ONLY TIME NOT YET) Phi 1:17 The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. Phi 1:18 But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice, 2Co 2:17 Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, like men sent from God. 2Th 2:8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming. 2Th 2:9 The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, 2Th 2:10 and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 2Th 2:11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 2Th 2:12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

  222. My thought, instead of using alot of energy pointing out wrong things / people/ actions, why don’t we use the same energy to teach people the Right Way and people will be sensitize to know wrong from afar and run away from it.

  223. Anonymous says:

    To Njoki, the Kiunas and all of us – the question to ask ourselves for anything and everything we do is:

    What would Jesus do?

    That question will guide our all actions.

  224. Njoki
    I have no problem with what you have written but i have a problem with the artitude you use to pen down such.Again,you seem so hateful of this pastors until i ask,when did you show brotherly or sisterly love to anyone, without piecing them with words.What have you done too,to help them know their error,without bringing everything here on display,for all to know how you hate that preacher and the wife…Love is kind.show them their error,in a kind way,because no one is perfect, except God.Correct i agree but in a kind and human way,otherwise if this hate is to go by,then there is no hope heaven for the conman and the hater too.Again,i wish you had written to them in person and talked to them first,before coming here to vent your anger#enuffsaid

  225. This is exactly what l say to guys, but they call me sinnical and lack respect for so called ‘Men of God’……… When did guys stop seeking wisdom from a birth parent and start seeing spiritual mums and dads as parents…… Well sayed Njoki good work.

  226. Allan Weke says:

    Avoid peddling parochial issues and vomiting hogwash. Even though i may not agree 100% but Njoki Chege has pointed out fundamental issues. The church is nothing but a den of robbers, there is a lot of hypocrisy in the church today. The best thing for us is that we should focus our eyes on God and avoid to hero worship men for the bible says cursed is a man who trust another man. Jeremiah 17:5. Salvation is a personal thing, does not depend on your pastor, your church, your bishop, or whoever it is but your salvation rests in God alone through Jesus Christ. Let’s work out our salvation with fear and trembling . Philippians 2:12 for you will be judged alone. Jipange!

  227. spot on kuddos Njoki.. as it is..tell them to wake up n smell coffee ! worship a fellow being in the name of God..as they milk u dry !God is a Prayer away ! Mother church or nothing! period!

  228. Mkenya Daima says:

    ‘…churchgoers cheer loudly and hysterically in church at the mention of their pastors but begin to nod off during Bible reading.’ …I’ve noticed this a couple of times and it’s disgusting… not saying I’m a saint but it’s just disgusting.

  229. always exercise wisdom in all pursuits…. like David who even though he was already annointed king in Saul’s stead dared not touch him to harm him. Is it your opinion that all this is catching God by surprise…or that the gospel needs a human defender? food for thought

  230. oh please sister… what a blind rhetoric

    He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have
    them in derision. Psalm 2:4

  231. Kudos Njoki,, Well written cryptic Article, it’s high time we as Kenyans stop being frivolous en myopic,Its been a while we are being coned in tha name of God,, Indeed we are in escatological times,trust only Tha Almighty..????????

  232. may the lord help us …….Ignorance shall finish us

  233. Gabriel W M says:

    Well, not all pastors are rogue. And even when you intend to expose, be careful how you do it and check your motivation for doing the same-is it out of genuine concern that you would want to see them change, etc?

    Careful when you expose ,lest you do it like Ham who found his Father(Noah) drunk and naked and went telling his brethren about it.

    Do not get me wrong:-Pastors misleading their flocks should not be tolerated, but it is very much better to let God judge them(for he sure will).

  234. You nailed it!

  235. “But that doesn’t matter. Whether their motives are false or genuine, the message about Christ is being preached either way, so I rejoice. And I will continue to rejoice.” (Philippians 1:18) God bless the Pastors….God in heaven sit’s as the Judge… The Gospel of the good news about Jesus will never stop being preached…in every means possible,by every vessel available…..for salvation has been given freely and freely it is given to those who receive it. Always remember what is required of you by God most high….it’s not to point fingers,but to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling..” (Philippians 2:12). You too with the same courage to point fingers can take the mantle and make Jesus famous…not yourself or a preacher.

  236. Njoki i always believed you are crazy. Your article above just confirms it. In a world where speaking out the truth as it is can get you killed only mad people like you dare.
    Keep the maddeness flowing.

  237. Fundamentally, I do agree, certainly, people must be allowed to express their own opinions freely. Freedom is part of the essential rights of all nations.

  238. Njoki you are a genius. Tell’em . You should have seen a whatsapp conversation between a pastor who was to conduct counseling services to me n my ex girl friend. …..They are literally rotten. Mafisi. As u said, let people pray for themselves ….read the Bible and ask God to interpret it for them. Am a Adventist …

    • Susan mbogo says:

      Let me not think that you are trying to advertise the Presbyterian Church here. am not a jcc follower but I won’t judge anyone. God bless.

  239. Njoki your a Blessing and i hope these words May reach all Lost souls.

  240. Them that got ears will hear & those with eyes and brains have understood the points made. Good piece Njoki

    God graciously help us.

  241. you’re a disgrace and are a delusional hypocrite (wait…) not you but the devil in you.The Man and woman of God whom you attack so viciously are called and are actually more than ure own pastor. You are blind and are devoid of that truth(now addressing Njoki Chege) my sister i rebuke you in the Name of Jesus Christ!!! Having read most of the previous comments i noticed you have fans and they too are blind the only difference is that the enemy is using you to usher them further to doom… Now we all clearly understand whom hell was prepared for if you don’t allow Grace to change you.

  242. Kindly find your piece well Edited to suite your stature. Contact for more editing services.
    When I penned the article titled “How to Be the Ultimate Female Nairobi Pastor,’ many thought I was disrespectful to a “woman of God.” “Do not touch the Lord’s anointed!” They warned me. People accused me of targeting a particular female pastor in this town and that I should apologise. However, I dare ask: Apologise for what, you little hypocrites? First of all, I think that we have a lot of rogue pastors masquerading as men and women of God who is fleecing the flock in the name of God.
    I am not known to mince my words, and I do not think I am going to start now, just because there is a church involved and a few characters who claim to be Pastors, bishops, and apostles. I believe in calling it as it and whoever has a problem with me, can hang on a short tree. I am sick and tired of seeing educated men and women, jubilating over their‘mummy pastor’ and ‘daddy pastor’ as if their lives depended on it. I am sick and tired of watching foolish but graceful churchgoers cheer loudly and hysterically in the church at the mention of their pastors but begin to nod off during Bible reading.
    Well, let me start by educating you fools who flock these so-called ‘charismatic’ and ‘modern’ individually-owned churches. Those pastors and televangelists you worship are not God. They are not demigods, and they have no supernatural powers. They cannot turn water into wine nor walk on water. They cannot heal your child of asthma nor change your philandering cad of a husband. They cannot heal the blind, but they can blind you. What they can do, though, is con you off your hard-earned money to bankroll their lavish lifestyles as you struggle in debt and lose sleep over that mortgage.
    I think it is utterly stupid for a woman, a refined, educated and emancipated woman with a great job and career prospects to put all her trust in a devious female pastor who does not care about her. You see, just because somebody can speak English with a fake accent, wears expensive garb, plays golf in exotic clubs and proclaims the word of God does not necessarily mean that they are truly appointees of the Lord.
    Listen. Just because that church can afford to buy airtime on Sunday mornings to air their hogwash on national TV, does not mean that church is the ultimate church. Moreover, just because your pastor drives an expensive car and holidays in South Africa does not mean they are blessed and fruitful. First of all, who lied to you that material possession is equal to blessing. Isn’t blessings the peace of mind, family, love, and good health?
    My dear, that Range Rover your ‘daddy pastor’ is driving is not a blessing. That is stolen property bought with your money. That is not a successful and blessed ‘daddy pastor’ living in Runda. That is a thug handling stolen fortunes. Hold your cursing for later. I am just getting started. Listen, you illogical ‘son and daughters of whoever’. You do not need a female pastor to pray for you to get a husband. You do not need a con man or woman to pray for your husband to stop coming home at 2 am smelling of fresh lodging soap. You do not require a pastor to be your spiritual mother or father.
    God is all you have, and He is all you will ever need. You also need to stop being silly, get on your goddamn knees and pray for yourself and your family. Look here, you dimwits who flock those ‘modern’ churches where people ‘live-tweet’ and ‘sub-tweet’ each other during service and tagging their pastors. You do not need that semi-illiterate conman to lay hands on you or ground break that ‘kaproject’ in ‘shagz’ for God’s blessings. Come on; God is just a prayer away, and you do not need to consult a deluded ex-convict or former house girl who has never been to a Theology class before you embark on investment.
    I will tell you the truth even as you throw tantrums all over social media. Those pastors you people worship and adore are humans like you. They say you should not to drink alcohol, but you ought to see them in golf clubs gulping expensive whiskey and cognac.
    They tell you not to commit adultery but you should get a printout of their phone records, and Sodom and Gomorrah will get a new meaning. They tell you to stay faithful to your wife, but you do not know what their wives go through but cannot talk because there is a certain image they want to uphold. Some of those pastors you run to for marital advice are on the verge of divorce, and they are only tolerating each other for the sake of their business – the church.
    Inviting that ‘kapastor’ to your home and hosting them for dinner, tweeting and re-tweeting nice things about them is not a ticket to heaven. You must think I am an atheist. Well, you are not the first to make that mistake. I am a proud and proper Presbyterian, who believes that religion and life must follow the certain set practice and procedure. Go figure it out.
    Let the cursing begin. One at a time, please.

  243. Gicheru Paul says:

    Gimme the ol’ time religion!

  244. warren G says:

    The point here is not failure to understand, it is lack of will to do so. Anyone who doesn’t get it please enroll in a sociology and english 102 class that might help. Also read the entire book of revelation and let it make sense to you. Good luck in your baseless arguments…..and if you think education is expensive try ignorance.

  245. well put gal..tell em

  246. Charitah says:

    Exactly you have stated it soo we let them know and since they will start cursing its due to being blinded… they are idle worshippers the fire that will burn those fake pastors in hell the petrol is being refined

  247. The real truth

  248. You couldn’t have put it any better and i couldn’t agree more.Gone are the days when we need intercessors.Everybody has a direct link with God;a prayer away.I like the article.no offence intended but you have not only hit the nail on the head but you have also nailed it.

  249. Random Browser says:

    Like many others, I only scanned searching for the ‘POINT’ in your piece but couldn’t find it. I almost doubted if am so dumb,

  250. M'Buti Kathuke says:

    We are in the 21st century, dear Njoki, where you cannot stand on an anthill and tell people to do things your way. I don’t go to JCC, neither do you, one cannot expect all people to be like herself. There must be some benefit they get from “worshiping their daddy and mammy pastors.” As to whether that is wrong or not, leave that to God.

    These people are mature and sound enough to be 100% responsible for their decisions, including who they give their hard earned money to, who they associate with, and generally what to do with their blessed lives.

    The money they give away is not your money; it is theirs. Whether it is justified to enrich a millionaire further with personal property is none of your business. It is not public property; it is their money and they can do whatever they want with it.

    I know there are false prophets and conmen, and whether the Kiuna’s are legit or not is debatable, but who has made you judge, jury and prosecutor over them?

    What I would conclude about you is that you are idle, mouthy and empty-headed and desperate to draw the limelight to yourself by soiling other peoples names while doing so. Now that you have written this, so what? What is your objective? Bashing other people so that you may look good?

    Get a decent job. Write constructively. Make your own money. Quench that bitterness. Live peacefully

  251. People should accept the Truth.Njoki has it well put down into paper and its the whole truth

  252. Wuoddhako oyiedhi says:

    MessageI couldn’t have put it any better..Its time to stop these cone stars from impoverishing the poor gullible Kenyans who can barely feed and school their children. I used to congregate at one of these churches that is run by a husband his wife and children, one day the “pastor” while making his sermon, which usually was all about prosperity and devoid of salvation, assured us that in the name of Jesus he was going to own a House in Runda he went on, and in the name of Jesus he was going to drive a Prado.
    one month later they introduced pledge envelops which were given out to the congregation to make their pledges for the whole year. the pledges were from shillings 10,000/= to 100,000/= for the whole year. this was besides the usual tithe which was not to be less than 100/=.
    two years later they moved to Runda and was driving a Prado..they later moved their church to a more lucrative location where the rich and mighty live.
    We we’re told off by way of a sermon as to how we we’re stealing from God if we did not honor those pledge envelops. I moved out of that church when they started bragging to the congregation about their life style and how “blessed” they we’re.
    In a way they we’re telling us what idiots we we’re by willingly financing their opulent life style as we worshiped them like the idiots that we we’re.

  253. Njoki, will you pliz marry me? Am so loving you. Squeeze it in to there brain washed heads. Plain truth

  254. These are “sons/daughters” of perdition that Jesus said He didn’t come for, that the scriptures may be fulfilled. John 17:12

  255. Haha ! Comments are killing us!

  256. Njoki has just said it. Even here in Frankfurt, these churches thrive … but mainly run by West African entrepreneurs. So tough and resilient and tactical are they that they have connections all over the African Bazaars, Barbershops and salons, and virtually all possible ‘markets’.

  257. One of the pastors mentioned here is a close relative of mine, and I am truly ashamed and saddened by this behaviour.

  258. DAVID OMONDI says:


  259. Pat Redman says:

    Invaluable discussion . Coincidentally , if anyone wants a NY DTF MT-50 , my business came across a sample version here http://goo.gl/Eiro0z

  260. Njoki Ua speaking the truth but many are fools who does not understand, I wish that u continue speaking it may be a few will be set free from this thugs in the name of pastors n pastoress. Useless demons draining from poor un informed flock. May God have mercy on us.

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